Actor and member of DONGKIZ , Jaechan, was suspected of bullying while in school

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The claim was made by the owner of an account on Twitter. In the post, Jaechan is said to have often bullied students since he was in elementary school. He is claimed to often interfere with a group of friends, even smoking at school.

Not only that, Jaechan is said to often talk bad things about K-Pop idols. So, the owner of the Twitter account was surprised because Jaechan finally became a K-Pop idol.

After the post circulated, a number of other confessions emerged. One of them even uploaded Jaechan ‘s graduation photo taken during his debut in 2019.

“His attitude is annoying and likes smoking and drinking alcohol. He was kicked out of BigHit for not stopping uploading photos with a number of girls on social media even after becoming a trainee. He also dropped out of high school and changed his appearance,” said the netizen.

Shortly after the rumors circulated, Dongyo Entertainment, as the management of Jaechan DONGKIZ released a statement in the form of a rebuttal. They confirmed that all these rumors were not true and would take this allegation to court.

After the post was uploaded, we asked Jaechan and his acquaintances. We confirmed that the claim was not true. Since this is an important issue, our company has carried out a number of verification processes regarding his personal and school life before debut. We confirmed that there were absolutely no problems there. ,” said Dongyo Entertainment.

We have been collecting data since the rumor was posted on March 4, 2022. We filed a lawsuit for libel and insult online by spreading false information. On March 14, 2022, an investigative officer has been assigned and the investigation is ongoing. periodic investigations in accordance with legal procedures,” he concluded.