Active Players with the Most Hat-tricks in the Bundesliga, Anyone?

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Erling Haaland managed to score a hat-trick in the 32nd week of the 2021/2022 Bundesliga match, Saturday (30/4/2022). The young Norwegian striker found the net for VfL Bochum three times, two of them from the penalty spot. Unfortunately, Dortmund still lost in that match with a score of 3-4.

Despite failing to bring his club to victory, Haaland ‘s hat-trick made him one of the active players with the most hat-tricks in the German Bundesliga today. Who is included in the list? This is the review.

1. Robert Lewandowski (16 hat-trick)

Robert Lewandowski is the active player with the most hat-tricks in the Bundesliga at the moment. The Polish striker has scored sixteen hat-tricks so far. That number far surpasses the records of other players who are also still actively playing.

In fact, throughout the history of the Bundesliga, there is only one name that has more hat-tricks , namely Gerd Muller. The legendary striker for Bayern Munich and the German national team made 32 hat-tricks in the Bundesliga, aka double Lewandowski’s collection. Even Lewandowski would have difficulty chasing that record.

Most of Lewandowski ‘s hat-tricks were made with Bayern Munich, to be exact, fourteen hat-tricks . While the remaining two hat-tricks he made while still defending Borussia Dortmund. Santer is rumored to be leaving Bayern at the end of 2021/2022, can Lewandowski increase the number of hat-tricks before leaving?

2. Alfred Finnbogason (4 hat-trick)

The active player with the number of hat-tricks closest to Lewandowski’s in the Bundesliga is Alfred Finnbogason. Finnbogason is an Icelandic striker who has played for FC Augsburg since 2016. So far, Finnbogason has scored four hat-tricks in the Bundesliga.

Bundesliga clubs that have been victims of Finnbogason ‘s hat-trick include FC Koln, SC Freiburg (twice), and Mainz 05. Unfortunately, Finnbogason has not scored a hat-trick for a long time, to be precise since February 2019. His collection also has the opportunity to be overtaken by active players. who currently has three hat-tricks .

3. Andrej Kramaric (3 hat-trick)

One of the active players who now has a collection of three hat-tricks in the Bundesliga is Andrej Kramaric. Kramaric is a Croatian striker who has played for TSG 1899 Hoffenheim since 2016. All three of Kramaric ‘s hat-tricks were scored for Hoffenheim.

Kramaric has even created a quat-trick aka four goals at once against a big team, namely Borussia Dortmund. That happened in the 2019/2020 season in a match that Hoffenheim won 4-0. While Kramaric’s last hat-trick in the Bundesliga occurred in September 2020.

4. Max Kruse (3 hat-trick)

Next is Max Kruse, who also has a record of three hat-tricks so far. Kruse is a 34 year old German striker who currently plays for VfL Wolfsburg. However, Kruse has also played for six other German clubs throughout his career.

Kruse’s two hat-tricks were created when he defended Werder Bremen in 2017. While his third hat-trick has just been created this 2021/2022 season. It happened in Week 31 of the Bundesliga when Wolfsburg beat Mainz 05 with a score of 5-0.

5. Wout Weghorst (3 hat trick)

Wout Weghorst also scored a hat-trick in the Bundesliga with VfL Wolfsburg. Not just once, but three hat-tricks he presented during his costume for Wolsburg from 2018 to 2022. One of Weghorst ‘s hat-tricks even resulted in an 8-1 victory for Wolfsburg over Augsburg in the 2018/2019 season.

However, it is possible that the number of Weghorst hat-tricks in the Bundesliga will not increase. The Dutch striker has left Wolfsburg in the second half of the 2021/2022 season and has joined Burnley in the English Premier League. So far, Weghorst is still struggling to adapt in England so he has only scored 2 goals in 16 matches

6. Marco Reus (3 hat-trick)

Marco Reus is an attacking midfielder or striker who has been loyal to Borussia Dortmund since 2012. However, this 32-year-old player has also played for Borussia Monchengladbach for three seasons. One of Reus ‘ hat-tricks in the Bundesliga he created while still defending Monchengladbach.

While the remaining two hat-tricks he recorded with Dortmund. The two hat-tricks have actually been happening for a very long time, namely in the 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 seasons. Nevertheless, Reus has proven sharp with Dortmund, with a collection of 153 goals in 354 matches in all competitions so far.

7. Erling Haaland (3 hat-tricks)

Erling Haaland is the latest name to reach three hat-tricks in the Bundesliga. Amazingly, he achieved that number in only about 2 years since joining Dortmund in 2020. In fact, he made his first Bundesliga hat-trick in his debut match with Dortmund.

Haaland’s goal stats with Dortmund so far are astounding, namely 85 goals in 87 games in all competitions! He also has a great opportunity to continue to increase the number of hat-tricks in the Bundesliga, maybe even chasing the collection of Robert Lewandowski. However, that of course can only happen if Haaland continues to play in the Bundesliga.

Robert Lewandowski is hard to catch in terms of the number of hat-tricks in the Bundesliga. Erling Haaland actually has the opportunity to do so, but he is often rumored to be leaving for clubs outside Germany. Will Haaland still survive next season and add to the number of hat-tricks in the Bundesliga?