Active Football Clubs Playing in Other Countries’ Leagues


The existence of AS Monaco in the French League is a unique thing. This uniqueness occurs because AS Monaco does not come from French territory, but comes from the small country of Monaco.

Apart from AS Monaco, if there are 12 active teams playing in leagues from other countries such as Toronto FC, Swansea City, or FC Andorra. Many factors are the reasons why clubs choose to play in other countries’ leagues.

Reasons such as a country that is not ready to deploy strong competence, financially, or as a satellite club are some of the factors. Then, what is the story of the clubs that play in the leagues of other countries? Let we see this resume.

AS Monaco
AS Monaco is considered one of the biggest clubs in France. This is evidenced by their success in winning the French League 8 times. This extraordinary achievement makes AS Monaco a successful club in mainland France.

AS Monaco is arguably the oldest club in France. Founded in 1903 under the name Heculis Monaco, and participated in the French Cup in 1917. August 1, 1919 AS Monaco Football was founded, registered at FFF No. 91.

Despite having a classy trophy collection, AS Monaco was once relegated from the French League in 2011. In 2013, AS Monaco returned to the French League 1 after winning League 2. Until now AS Monaco has become a strong competitor for PSG in the race for the French League title. .

Toronto FC
Toronto FC is a Canadian football club that plays in Major League Soccer. Many factors have caused Canadian clubs to play in MLS, one of which is the Canadian League’s unpreparedness to hold a football competition.

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The Canadian football league itself was only launched professionally in 2017 ago under the name Canadian Premier League. Meanwhile, Toronto FC joined MLS in 2007.

Albirex Niigata Singapore FC
Competing in the Singapore League, Albirex Niigata Singapore is actually a Japanese club. Although it seems very far away, their goal of competing in Singapore is to have a satellite club that can supply players to their main club, Albirex Niigata.

In accordance with its purpose, Alxirex Niigata Singapore only transfers Japanese players. The club itself has joined the Singapore League since 2004 ago.

Swansea City
Swansea City is a club from Wales that plays in English football competition. Swansea City have also experienced the atmosphere of the highest caste of English football, the English Premier League.

Swansea’s best achievement occurred in the 2012/2013 season when they were able to win the League Cup after defeating Manchester City.

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FC Andorra
The last club to play in another country was Andorra FC. Andorra FC is a club originating from the small country of Andorra which is flanked by France and Spain.

Andorra FC once launched a world star player who eventually defended the Spanish national team, Gerard Pique. This club is competent in the Spanish third division with their best performance being the Primera Catalana champion in 2018/2019.