Woman discovered her boyfriend’s infidelity with the help of steam from the shower

Love stories are usually not like fairy tales.. Infidelities await at the corner door even in the longest-lived couples, and this would be the case of Camila Valles: she found out that her boyfriend had a lover and the steam from the shower was what concluded her hypothesis, how do you explain her story? The tiktoker would tell the details.

In many cases, the unfaithful end up being discovered in the relationship; although time after the act of ‘cheating’. Camila’s case is peculiar, since a woman was not found next to her ex-boyfriend or any feminine garment there. The steam from the hot water was all he needed to finish his young love.

He went to shower and left the door open

Camila detailed on TikTok that she lived with her ex-partner and that everything was fine until she left the bathroom door open while taking a shower: “We had the room with the bathroom. I, like any other day, went to bathe and left the door completely open, I bathe with very hot water”recounted what happened.

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“The thing is that the bathroom was filled with steam and, therefore, the steam was coming out of the bathroom into the room, so all the windows in the room were also full of steam”continued with her story, after all, a message was hidden between the misted glass that she wanted to clean.

She discovered the name of her ex and a woman, both framed in a heart: “I don’t even want to imagine how or why they came to write that there, I realized that they were cheating on me by going to bathe”, he said after the great discovery

This would have been enough to face the ex-boyfriend and end their union: “From the horns and death no one is saved”he said at the end, in what would be the final reflection of his love story. “Worthy cold case detective”, he was accompanied to say by a netizen.