Why you should put aluminum foil in your shoes in winter

For many, the winter It is the best season of the year because it is the perfect excuse to get that coat out of the way, wear boots, put on that raincoat that matches our umbrella or have a cup of hot chocolate. The only bad thing is seeing the electricity bill every end of the month after using the heating.

Heating is a necessary device in any home during the winter, but it is also true that not everyone has the economy to buy it and resort to home remedies to heat the home.

One of the most used is duct tape to cover windows and cracks. Also, there is the option of putting a rug in the room or living room. I think we are all clear about that.

The problem is when you are going to go out to your workplace or university and immediately they freeze your feet. Many times it will not be enough to wear a double sock or a pantyhose.

In this sense, at MAG we bring you an infallible trick with aluminum foil so that you can put it on your shoes during the winter.

aluminum foil on shoes

Several people tend to buy thermal insoles to end the problem, but there are also those who use supplies that they can find at home and thus avoid unnecessary expenses.

Aluminum foil can become your great ally in this section. The first thing is to take a pair of shoes and remove the insoles by washing them thoroughly so that it is ready.

Next, place a sheet of aluminum foil under the stencil. Use a liquid glue so that both are integrated (firm) and thus it is easier to cut the outline of it when it is cold.

The next thing will be to introduce the insole with aluminum foil in the shoe and that will be all. You will never feel cold on your feet again during winter.