Why you should not edit your WhatsApp messages after sending them

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WhatsApp continues to fill its application with a series of novelties. For example, it will soon allow you to considerably improve the privacy of your chats by placing a key on each of your conversations, but that’s not the only thing, because now you can edit your messages after sending them in a simple and easy way.

That means you have up to 10 minutes to be able to correct that message you sent in WhatsApp and modify your text. However, there is a reason not to use it and here we tell you so that you can take it into account.

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Although the editing of the messages was in the beta application, now it is already found in all the smartphones in the world, whether you use Android or iPhone. So enjoy this new feature of the app belonging to the Meta conglomerate.

Why you should not edit a text in WhatsApp

  • To be able to edit a text in WhatsApp, you just have to enter the app.
  • Then enter any recent conversations.
  • At that moment, press on the phrase or sentence that you want to edit.
  • Press it and you will see a series of options that are displayed in the header of the app.
  • You must press the three dots in the upper corner and select “Edit”.

whatsapp edit

In this way you can edit a WhatsApp message without the need to use alternative programs. (Photo: MAG – Rommel Yupanqui)
  • After that you will be allowed to edit the sent text. However, you will not like the result very much.
  • Since both you and your friend will know that this text has been edited.
  • This means that “Edited” will be displayed next to the sentence.
  • However, best of all, neither you nor the other person will know what was written before on WhatsApp and why you decided to correct it.

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