Why you should frequently clean the containers of your aquatic plants

Surely you have seen several images of some floors in beautiful water bottles or vases. Aquatic plants have become a decorative element that is very fashionable. But these days there is a reason not to neglect cleaning these containers and that is dengue. But why should we pay attention to this? Today in Mag we tell you.

According to the specialized website Info Jardinería, water plants, contrary to what it may seem, require very little care and are very grateful. It is true that when growing them in water you will have to pay more attention to this detailbut with changing it once a month it will be more than enough.

Another detail that we must pay attention to is the water level. We have to make sure that the container always has water and that the roots of our plant are always submerged. So far so good, keeping aquatic plants is a simple thing, but when dengue lurks you have to be alert, especially with the water of these plants. And because? Here at Mag we tell you.

Why you should clean the containers of your aquatic plants

Different regions of Peru face the proliferation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits the dengue through its bite. For this reason, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) highlighted the importance of identifying potential mosquito breeding sites, such as tanks, buckets, aquatic plantspet drinking fountains, swimming pools, bottles and all that element where the water can be puddled.

Hence the importance of clean every five days containers filled with water and thus prevent the dengue transmitting mosquito from placing its larvae in the roots of aquatic plants. Simply discard the water and wash the vases with a dishwasher. Always take a look at your plants these days.

He Aedes aegypti yesIt breeds in shady and humid places. Dark spots ensure that the water in the containers does not exceed certain temperatures that would be lethal to the eggs, larvae, and pupae. Among the most common places where they lay their eggs are:

  • aquatic plants
  • vases
  • Various water tanks, especially in patios and terraces.
  • plastic tanks
  • Swimming pools.