Why Karely Ruiz and Maya Nazor stood up Mona on her birthday

Why Karely Ruiz and Maya Nazor stood up Mona on her birthday


On May 21, 2023, the Mexican influencer known as monkey celebrated his birthday, to which he invited an exclusive list of celebrities from his country. Although Maya Nazor and karely ruiz They were among the guests, neither of them attended. Did the discord weigh more than friendship?

Although her birthday was actually the next day, the model decided to celebrate on Sunday night.

Earlier, Geros’s wife had revealed details of what she had planned. Like she wanted it to be an intimate gathering, so she had only invited around 20 people.

He also told through one of his live broadcasts on Facebook that he had spent a lot of money on catering and had had personalized souvenirs made for each one. For this reason, she also revealed the names of the invited celebrities, as he did not want his effort to be in vain.

Despite the fact that her friend was very excited about the event, neither Maya Nazor nor Karely Ruiz showed up to say hello to Mona at least.

Although many speculated that their absence was due to the romantic history that each one has with the rapper Santa Fe Klan, we reveal the true reason.

Mona has more than 8 million followers on Facebook (Photo: Mona / Facebook)

Mona has more than 8 million followers on Facebook (Photo: Mona / Facebook)


According to what Mexican celebrities and Mona herself have said, the absence of Maya Nazor and Karely Ruiz was not due to animosity between the ex-partners of the Santa Fe Klan, but rather due to various complications that arose at the last minute.

In the case of the Only Fans model, Mona told in a live broadcast that her friend could not attend because her flight from Mexico City had been canceled due to the eruption of the Popocatépetl volcano, which has been on maximum alert since Sunday, May 21.

In the end you understand what happened to each one. What happened with Karely was that the Popocatépetl volcano is erupting there in Mexico City and they canceled many flights. That is where it is understood”, he told his followers on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Maya Nazor used her to explain that he had to stay to take care of his son, because he is going through a stage in which he is very nervous and had a fever.

I won’t be able to attend Mona’s party. My Lukita is very anxious about her teeth and she gets a fever for a while. I have to stay with him to take care of him and pamper him“, wrote.

Screenshot of Maya Nazor's tweet explaining her absence from Mona's birthday party (Photo: Maya Nazor/Twitter)

Screenshot of Maya Nazor’s tweet explaining her absence from Mona’s birthday party (Photo: Maya Nazor/Twitter)