Why Divinity Canceled Turkish Soap Opera “Hidden Truth”

As we well know, Turkish television productions and bets They have achieved great acceptance in the Spanish public. Fictions like “Bitter Land” and “Brothers” managed to penetrate the Iberian audience almost immediately, which is why Divinity continued betting on more Ottoman novels, as is the case with “Hidden truth”.

However, in audience and rating numbers, the Turkish adaptation did not have the expected figures, so it was decided to move it from the schedule until the early hours of the morning.

This caused the little audience that I got for “Hidden Truth” to become completely extinct, generating mediaset I ended up canceling the soap opera that premiered around mid-April and at nightly prime time.


Although thousands of fans Regret Cancellation of Korean Novel Adaptation “Innocent Defendant”That is to say, it was a strategy that was seen coming from Mediaset. If we remember, the Turkish series managed to premiere in Spain on April 10 in the nightly prime time at 10:30 p.m.

This fact caused the pressure to be immediate, and after a few broadcasts, the low average that the novel came to witness was noted. The television network acted immediately and delayed the start of the episodes until 1:15 a.m., ending any chance of success for the drama.

Onur Tuna plays Firat Bulut in "Hidden truth" (Photo: Divinity)

Onur Tuna plays Firat Bulut in “Hidden Truth” (Photo: Divinity)

“What can you expect, it’s always the same”, “it’s nonsense”, “I don’t agree and I’ll stop seeing it”, several Internet users and followers of the novel pointed out before its cancellation.

Apparently, in Divinity there is no adaptation period for a foreign novel or production. Will “Verdad oculta” manage to return to Spanish screens? Well, at the moment we don’t know.


As we told you lines above, the brand new production of Turkish origin, starring Onur Tuna, premiered in Spain on Monday, April 10 through the signal of the television channel Divinity.

The series did not achieve the expected numbers (Photo: MF Yapım)

The series did not achieve the expected numbers (Photo: MF Yapım)

However, in his native Turkey he saw the light in mid-December 2021. A bet that worked in Turkish lands, but that failed to captivate the Iberian audience this 2023.