Who is Simon and what role will he have in season 2 of “XO, Kitty”

As part of the premieres of the month, on May 18, Netflix launched “XO, Kitty” (“Kisses, Kitty”, in Spanish), a romantic comedy created by the American writer Jenny Han and is a spin-off of “To All the Boys” (“To all the boys I fell in love with”), which is also included in the streaming service.

The series, starring Anna Cathcart in the role of Kitty Covey, follows a young woman who, after helping her sister Lara Jean, travels to the other side of the world to reconnect with her long-distance boyfriend, although this romantic trip will turn increasingly more complicated when he discovers that there are more feelings than love.

The success of the first installment of the netflix series It made a lot of fans wonder when the second season of the story will be released and who the new characters will be.

The series poster "XO, Kitty" (Photo: Netflix)

The poster of the series “XO, Kitty” (Photo: Netflix)


The open ending of the first part of the story left more doubts than certainties, because after being expelled from Kiss for living in the boys’ room during the semester, Kitty must return to Portland, Oregon.

However, the director jina lim tries to cheer her up and hands her a letter of EveKitty’s mother and classmate in the ’90s, who had never opened.

“My world got so much bigger. Thanks to you. And for Simon”the letter reads, raising doubts in the character and in the audience, who wonder who Simon is. KNOW MORE ABOUT THE FINAL HERE.

Anna Cathcart plays Katherine Song Covey in

Anna Cathcart plays Katherine Song Covey in “Xo, Kitty”, the spin-off of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved” (Photo: Netflix)


In conversation with TUDUM, anna cathcart confessed that the inclusion of the character was a last-minute decision by the showrunner Sascha Rothchildso his appearance was a surprise to almost the entire production team.

“She was like: Let’s put a name on it. It’s more fun. Let’s go with Simon’”said the 19-year-old actress.

As Carhcart commented, the saga shows that there is always something more in the life of the main character, who will not be afraid to go on an adventure once more, this time to find out more about Simon.

There was always a boy in the letter and a boy in Eve’s life that Kitty was going to be curious about.”, he added.

Although the identity of Simon is for now a mystery, it is more than certain that it also constitutes one of the keys to the second season of the story.

"Kisses, Kitty" either"XO, Kitty" It is the new Netflix hit (Photo: Park Young-Sol/Netflix)

“Kisses, Kitty” or “XO, Kitty” is the new Netflix hit (Photo: Park Young-Sol/Netflix)



  • Original title: “XO, Kitty”
  • Year: 2023
  • Country: United States
  • Direction: Jenny Han and Jennifer Arnold
  • Screenplay: Jenny Han, Jessica O’Toole, Siobhan Vivian
  • Music: Jina Hyojin An, Shirley Song
  • Photography: Sandra Valde-Hansen, Lindsay George
  • Companies: Ace Entertainment, Awesomeness TV, Jenny Kissed Me
  • Distributor: Netflix
  • Executive Producers: Jenny Han and Sascha Rothchild


“XO, Kitty” has 10 episodes and stars Anna Cathcart along with other well-known youth actors, some of whom reprise their roles from “To All the Boys”, the main series that inspired the spin-off.

The cast was added in episode 8, titled LFG, a K-Pop idol that excited more than one fan of the genre. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CAMEO HERE.