Who is Gertie, the mother of Héctor Sandarti who suffers from senile dementia

Hector Sandartithe driver of “The House of the Famous”, moved his followers on social networks by sharing a special moment with his mother Gertie, who suffers from dementia. The TV host was reunited with her parent and had a pleasant moment with her despite her delicate situation.

After concluding his work commitments in the United States after the end of “La Casa de los Famosos”, Hector Sandarti He traveled to his native Guatemala. There the television presenter took advantage of her to meet with her mother, hug her a lot and tell her how much he loves her.

the mother of Hector Sandarti He is at a critical moment since he has been suffering from a progressive deterioration of cognitive functions for some time, better known as dementia. This means that he remembers his experiences and those closest to him less and less. How was the reunion between the host of “La Casa de los Famosos” and his mother? Here we tell you.

Héctor Sandarti's mother suffers from senile dementia (Photo: Héctor Sandarti/ Instagram)

Héctor Sandarti’s mother suffers from senile dementia (Photo: Héctor Sandarti/ Instagram)


Through his Instagram account, Héctor Sandarti shared the emotional meeting he had with his mother in May 2023 and “the miracle” that occurred at his home in Guatemala. In his publication, you can see the hands of both intertwined, which meant a special moment for him.

“After several months without seeing my Gertie, I am here, but her mind can no longer recognize me. The only thing I could receive a few days ago was a rich handshake from her that made me think that in the depths of her heart she knew that it was me who was by her side. Fortunately, at the end of my trip, the miracle happened…”he wrote in his post on Instagram.

In a second post, Héctor Sandarti revealed that “a miracle” occurred on his most recent visit to Guatemala. His mother had a few seconds of lucidity in which she managed to recognize him, something that filled him with great happiness and moved him a lot.

“God gave me that wonderful period of time that is worth an eternity to me. My mother recognized me and was excited to know that she was there. ‘How glad’ was all he said, enough for me. I love you Gertie!!!”said the television presenter.


Gertie is the mother of Héctor Sandarti, the host of “La Casa de los Famosos”. The elderly woman suffers from senile dementia. Her situation has worsened in recent years as she remembers less and less and no longer recognizes her relatives.

The TV presenter is very concerned about his mother’s state of health because she not only suffers from dementia, the lady was also diagnosed with cancer and hypertension.

“There are fewer and fewer moments of lucidity that my mother has. But when they arrive, she sees you with such tenderness and she hugs you with a love so genuine that you want that moment to never end. I love you my beautiful old lady!!”he wrote in an Instagram post in December 2022.

Gertie is the mother of Héctor Sandarti, the host of

Gertie is the mother of Héctor Sandarti, the host of “La Casa de los Famosos” (Photo: Héctor Sandarti/ Instagram)