WhatsApp: discover how to edit messages up to 15 minutes after sending them

It’s frustrating when you send a message WhatsApp and then you realize you made spelling mistakes, what should you do? Previously, users resorted to the “Delete for everyone” function, something that will no longer be necessary because now you can edit messages up to 15 minutes after sending them, the maximum time that the instant communication service provides.

Users have been wondering if their contacts will access a modification history As in the Facebook comments, the answer is no, since it would not make sense, since the objective of the tool is that you no longer “delete for everyone” and only correct the textual content (including emoticons).

It is important to clarify that yes you will leave the “Edited” mark, it will appear on the bottom side of the bubbleFurthermore, when you modify a message you will not alter the actual time of delivery either. The new function was being tested until a couple of weeks ago in the WhatsApp beta program, but now it has reached the stable version and is gradually being rolled out around the world.

So you can edit your messages sent in WhatsApp

  • First, check that WhatsApp do not have pending updates on the Android Google Play or iOS App Store.
  • Now, open the app and go to any personal or group conversation where you have sent a message with errors that you want to modify.
  • The next step is to press for a few seconds on the message until it is shaded.
  • As you can see, the reactions will be displayed and at the top a series of tools.
  • Click on the icon of the three vertical points.
  • Here press the optionEdit”.
  • The text field will open, a space where you have to correct the errors.
  • When you’re done, tap on the “green color check” to keep the changes.
  • Done, that would be it. The message will have been edited, but remember that you have up to 15 minutes maximum.

This happens with your WhatsApp account if you remove the SIM card from your cell phone

  • First, remember that WhatsApp It is an application that works with internet connection.
  • It is true that WhatsApp asks you for a cell phone number to create an account, but if you receive a phone call you will not respond through the application.
  • It only asks you for the number to verify that it belongs to you, it is a very important security filter, how does it know this? Because the app sends you a “verification code” via SMS text message, this is required for you to create an account.
  • After this, the app will never use your number again, unless you change your smartphone.
  • If you remove the SIM card you will be able to chat normally, as long as you have internet access, however, if you use the mobile data of your contracted plan, then when you remove the chip you will no longer be able to chat, make or receive calls and video calls .
  • Nor will it allow you to link your account in the WhatsApp Web or Desktop versions, and if they were open they will close automatically because they depend on the mobile (something that will change soon with the “Multi-device” mode).
  • It is recommended not to remove the chip or block it if you lose it, since this way cybercriminals would have access to all your account information.

Did you find this trick interesting? WhatsApp? We tell you that this messaging application is constantly changing and updating, so new shortcuts, codes, and tools are always coming out that will make your experience sending or receiving texts, stickers, or multimedia content more fun. To continue discovering the news you will only need to enter the following link with more notes from WhatsApp in Mag, and done. Do not miss it!

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