What will happen this Tuesday in “Original Sin”: the ace up Kemal’s sleeve, Alihan away from Zeynep and more

What will happen in “Original sin”? The story of love and betrayal between Alihan and Zeynep has been causing a lot to talk about and has become a favorite with the public in Spain. Onur Tuna, Sevda Erginci, Eda Ece and company give life to this interesting ottoman production that surprises every day with its episodes. Find out here what will happen in the chapter on Tuesday, May 23 through the Antena 3 signal.

Original sin” not only conquered his native Türkiyesince it reached more than 70 countries around the world. Spain He also fell in love with the plot that tells the story of the sisters Yilmaz and their efforts to get ahead.

During the last episode of “Original sinHalit He was very concerned when his lawyer told him that ender decided to file for custody of erim. The worst of all was that alihan he lent himself to that plan and signed as the child’s father.

The businessman talks to his son and tells him about the intentions of ender. Despite this, she clarifies things for him. “I think that I am to blame and that you will be safer with her“, says Halit.

But the problems don’t end Halitbecause he found out that his daughter Zehra again he relapsed into alcohol. This occurred at an event where the young woman she was with ender. In addition, the latter introduces her to a man who works as a model.

Sarp Can Köroglu as Kemal in the Turkish soap opera “Original Sin” (Photo: Med Yapim)

Sarp Can Köroglu as Kemal in the Turkish soap opera “Original Sin” (Photo: Med Yapim)


No one can miss the next chapter of the soap opera “Original sin”. In the episode of Tuesday May 23, Yildiz has a plan to drive away Zehra of Kemal. That is why he holds a party and invites the people of Bursa in order for a woman from the young man’s past to return to him.

Zeynep has a great time at the Yildiz party (Photo: Med Yapim)

Zeynep has a great time at the Yildiz party (Photo: Med Yapim)

For his part, Kemal suspects his ex-wife’s plans, but he will have a big surprise for Yildiz. The young man has an ace up his sleeve. What is it about?

On the other hand, that place also arrives zeynep and big is the surprise for alihan, who watches her carefully from afar. Although her love for her is still very great, she is pleased to see her happy and calm away from him.

Alihan carefully observes Zeynep (Photo: Med Yapim)

Alihan carefully observes Zeynep (Photo: Med Yapim)


Original sin” is based on the story of two sisters, Yildiz and zeynepwho live in deep poverty and who are characterized by having different personalities, despite their blood bond.

Yildiz She dreams of finding a man with money and having a life surrounded by luxuries, so she accepts Ender’s proposal, a woman who offers her to work in her house with the aim of seducing her husband. The young woman accepts, no matter how suspicious her request may be.

While, zeynep she is a more honest girl and dreams of finding true love and not a flashy life like the one her sister wants. She will have to deal with alihana handsome but selfish young man, director of a large company, with whom he will experience many things.


Turkish soap opera episodes “Original sin” They premiere at the usual time from Monday to Friday at 5:30 p.m. (Spain time) on Antena 3.

In addition, you can enjoy the programming through streaming. For this, you only have to be subscribed to the ATRESplayer Premium platform.

The soap opera "Original sin" is a very famous Turkish soap opera in Spain (Photo: Med Yapim)

The soap opera “Original Sin” is a very famous Turkish soap opera in Spain (Photo: Med Yapim)