What to do if you can’t send messages from Android

What to do if you can’t send messages from Android


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Sending text messages or in popular applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, among others, has become quite common and necessary nowadays; however, sometimes a notification may appear indicating that the text could not be sent correctly from your devices Android.

If this happened to you, it may have caused you a lot of frustration if you have tried several tricks and none of them gave you good results, even worse if the message you wanted to send was of the utmost importance.

Far from recommending that you install another alternative application, we suggest you from MAG some possible solutions that you can try on your Android cell phone so that you can use the app again without problems. Pay attention to the directions.

What to do if I can’t send messages from Android

If you’re having trouble sending messages because you’re getting an “error” or “did not send” notification in a messaging app, here are some solutions you can try.

  • First, you must verify that you are connected to a WiFi network otherwise, you will not be able to communicate correctly with your contacts.
  • Verify that the signal is stable, as this may affect sending messages.
  • Please try to resend the message, as sometimes the app may crash.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the messaging application that you use, this in order to solve errors.
  • Finally, we recommend you to restart your mobile devices to correct some problems.

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