What Paula Mattheu said about the complaint of plagiarism for Shakira’s “Acrostic”

On May 11, Shakira premiered “Acrostic”, an emotional song that plays alongside his children Milan and Sasha, which includes references to her role as a mother and her break with Gerard Pique. However, like other Colombian songs, this was accused of plagiarism.

As recalled, after their separation in June 2022, the Colombian singer released a series of songs loaded with hints and messages against her ex-partner and Clara Chia Martithe latter’s current girlfriend, reinforcing the theory of an alleged infidelity of the ex-soccer player of FC Barcelona.

The trend was broken withAcrostic”, which has a different content, since it does not focus on heartbreak, but rather expresses purer forms of love, this alongside a video style based on a children’s story, which contains a powerful hidden message.

Milan and Sasha appear in the video clip of "Acrostic" singing and playing piano.  (Photo: Shakira - Youtube)

Milan and Sasha appear in the video clip for “Acrostic” singing and playing the piano. (Photo: Shakira – Youtube)


Shakira’s new single is dedicated to her children Milan and Sasha. In the lyrics, the Colombian artist talks about having felt betrayed and hurt in love.

It is important to note that although Piqué’s infidelity has never been confirmed, the singer has made reference to this, including the pain she feels and that it is the refuge she finds in her role as a mother and the pure ways of loving. LEARN MORE HERE.


Despite not being part of the revenge saga that began against Piqué, “Acrostic” was not saved from being marked as plagiarism, like other songs that the Colombian has released before.

This is due to the similarities that the song maintains with “Te lo dije de verdad”, by the Basque singer-songwriter Paula Mattheu, who has highlighted this aspect on her social media profiles.

The location of the theme that maintains the greatest similarity is located very close to the chorus, especially in the melody that goes from 41 seconds to 1:18 minutes (from 0:41 to 1:18).


Although it was the interpreter herself who referred to the coincidences between the two topics, she also tried to disassociate herself from any accusation, assuring that it could be a coincidence.

Let’s see, I’m going to upload a story because this is already making me angry. The other day I posted a video saying that everyone had written to me saying that Shakira’s song was like “really‘” Matthew began..

The Basque singer denied having accused Shakira of plagiarizing "Acrostic" (Photo: Paula Mattheu / Instagram)

The Basque singer denied having accused Shakira of plagiarizing “Acrostic” (Photo: Paula Mattheu / Instagram)

In this sense, the Basque interpreter denied having accused “Shak” of plagiarism, as many portals had been indicating, in addition to emphasizing that these accusations were not hers, but those of other users on social networks.

But let’s see, I have never said that it was plagiarized, that these are things that happen in music, that everything is invented, that I have not invented the wheel and that they are chords, a similar melody. But I really don’t think anyone plagiarized me”, he explained.

Finally, the artist highlighted, as in her social networks, that she was not seeking accusations against the Colombian. “I’m not announcing it or anything like that, please. That people stop making movies, a kiss”, he sentenced.


It’s not plagiarism, leave me alone

♬ original sound – Paulamattheusoficial


In January 2023, the Venezuelan singer and influencer Briella pointed out that Shakira and the Argentine producer Bizarrap were inspired by their song “Solo tú” to compose “Bizarrap Music Sessions #53”, the song in which the Colombian criticizes Gerard Piqué the most. .

I made this video because I am shocked, impressed, I have received too many messages. If my song was really used as a sample or inspiration, I would like to receive at least the credit, because for me as a composer it is worth too muchBriella said.

After the controversy, the song added more than 7 million views, while Shakira’s theme obtained Guinness records for its success. SEE THE DIFFERENCES HERE.

At the end of the video clip "Acrostic"the two chicks and their mother leave the nest (Photo: Shakira / YouTube)

At the end of the “Acrostic” video clip, the two chicks and their mother leave the nest (Photo: Shakira / YouTube)