What does the WhatsApp emoji of the pink, light blue and white flag mean

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WhatsApp has more than 700 emojis on its platform for Android and iPhone smartphones. Each of the icons have a series of colors that distinguishes them, in addition to having a fairly classic figure that is similar to reality. However, there are certain emoticons that cannot be deciphered with the naked eye and need a more detailed explanation.

One of those emojis is the light blue, pink and white flag. Do you know what it is? Well, some have related it to the LGTBI community, while others simply ensure that it is an unknown country.

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In order to get you out of all possible doubts, today we will tell you what the light blue, pink and white flag is in WhatsApp so you don’t end up making a fool of yourself. For this, it is necessary to resort to Emojipedia, that website that explains all the emoticons that have been and will be.

What does the emoji of the light blue, pink and white flag mean in WhatsApp

  • This flag has been one of the last to join WhatsApp.
  • It was usually one of the app’s secret emojis, but as it’s grown in popularity, it’s finally settled.
  • A flag with pale blue and pale pink horizontal stripes with a single white stripe down the middle, used as the Transgender Pride flag.
  • Likewise, Emojipedia points out that this flag is normally used in Pride month as well.
  • According to the RTE portal in Spain, the colors have been designed by Monica Helms in 1999.
  • It indicates that the celestial colors represent the masculine, while the pink represents the feminine, the blue. The stripes are joined by a white line that represents people who are in transition, intersex and neutral or undefined gender.

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