What do the colors of the Google “G” icon mean?

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Google It is one of the most frequent and used search engines in much of the world. Through it you can access not only first-hand sources, but also search for everything you want, from recipes, news, YouTube videos, a specific topic, etc.

But there is a mystery that many have not solved at the moment and today we will explain it to you. Do you know what the colors of the letter “G” mean? Google? If we appreciate the icon only of the Mountain View company, you may have seen the yellow, green, red and light blue tones.

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As is known, all the logos of Google They are in those colors, which is why today we will help you decipher them so that you clear all doubts and so you can share it with all your friends.

What do the colors of the Google “G” icon mean?

  • The colors found in the Google logo, specifically in the “G” are also represented in Gmail, Google Maps, Drive, among others.
  • In the case of the “G” of the Google icon, you will see that it has yellow, green, red and light blue colors.
  • Each of these colors represent a property of the land.
  • In order to become ecological, Google has decided to detail what the colors of its logo are.
  • This is how we have the air that would be the color yellow.
  • The green would mean the earth
  • Red is considered as fire and light blue or water.
  • This is how the 4 elements tend to come together in all the icons of the brand.

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