What differences are there between the applications and APKs of your Android phone

The operating system Android is software compatible with most mobile devices and tablets of different brands, likewise, it also has its own application store, the popular Google Play Store, however, millions of users prefer to download APKs, why, to What are they and how are they different from normal apps? It is something that Mag will explain below.

The aforementioned app store is not the only place where you can download secure applications, there are also APKs, although obtaining them creates a greater risk of infecting your cell phone with some type of virus. What are they for? basically, their two main differences are in the way of installation and updatingAs we said before, the apps are downloaded and updated automatically by Google Play, while the APK is done manually and through the web pages of your favorite browser.

They are the same? yes, for example: the application and apk WhatsApp have the same operation, none is better than the other, so why bother installing manually? Simple, because not all cell phones are compatible with Google Play apps, and some are not even found in this Android store, this is when users resort to an APK.

These are the differences between apps and APKs on your Android phone

Why don’t modern phones have a removable battery anymore?

  • Waterproof: suddenly it’s one of the main reasons that today’s mobile phones do not have a removable battery or back cover, therefore, there is less risk of liquid entering the most important electronic components of your device, since one one of the most delicate to water is the betería.
  • Location and security: some mobiles have a function so that criminals do not turn off your equipment when you are the victim of a robbery, the only way to do it, if they do not know the password or unlock pattern, is to remove the battery, something very difficult to do when they are escaping from the area of ​​the assault. In this way you will have time to locate or track the location of your cell phone.
  • unsupported battery: all batteries have a useful life, which is approximately between 300 to 500 charge cycles, which means that if you have charged your cell phone from 0% to 100% more than 300 times, the battery probably no longer works or your energy runs out immediately. When this happens, users decide to buy a non-original battery to save money and continue using their mobile, which is very damaging to the phone.
  • thinner phones: Equipment with a removable battery was an obstacle for manufacturers to develop a slimmer device.

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