Trick to turn your old tablet into a screen for Android Auto

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Android Auto It has become one of the most used applications currently, since it allows users to project the screen of their smartphone to the center console of their cars, this in order to avoid distractions and have the main apps at their fingertips.

But if you don’t have a screen in your vehicle, don’t worry, you can use an old tablet as a replacement and give it a second chance. In this way, you will be able to interact with all the tools you have on your cell phone without problems.

Although there are some tricks to connect both devices, it should be noted that if you have an old tablet, this may be quite complicated, so Xataca has shared a solution for this problem. Here we share with you in detail what it is about.

How to turn your old tablet into a screen for Android Auto

If you have an old digital tablet that you have stored, you can reuse it and turn it into a screen for the Android Auto app and install it in your car. Although the application is paid, you have the option to try its free trial version.

  • The first thing is to go to the Play Store and download the Headunit Reloaded app on your tablet.
  • Go to your cell phone and open Android Auto from the “Settings” app.
  • After this, scroll to the Android Auto version number.
  • Here you must tap on the number several times and accept that the developer settings are enabled.
  • Tap on the top three dots on Android Auto and select “Start Head Unit Server”.
  • Once you have set up your smartphone, open the Headunit Reloaded app on your tablet.
  • In this way the tablet will serve as Android Auto screen.
  • Right away, accept the terms and conditions, then turn off your WiFi connection on your mobile.
  • In this part you must share your mobile data connection through an access point.
  • Now, connect your tablet to the access point created to access Android Auto.
  • Open Android Auto on your tablet, as long as the screen is in landscape orientation for the app to work.
  • Choose the WiFi option and wait a few seconds for the application to open.
  • Finally, when you already have Android Auto on the tablet, you just have to make the necessary adjustments and that’s it.

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