Tips to moisturize dry skin in winter

arrives the winterwhich for many is the favorite season, and with it the movie afternoons with chocolate warm, enjoy the sound of the rain and the ideal time to take the coats out of the closet. But not everything is ‘good’, since at this time our skin needs special care.

At low temperatures, sebum production is significantly reduced, which can create an imbalance of hydration and skin oil.

The same happens with the wind, humidity and hot air, which can also generate greater dryness. Surely you will think that nothing else could happen, but not everything is true.

It also causes the appearance of wrinkles, unsightly blemishes and, of course, an unpleasant sensation of rough touch. To counteract this is to strengthen and moisturize the skin.

If you think that the only way to achieve this is with chemicals, let us tell you that you are very wrong. You can also get it naturally with basic ingredients.

Remedies to hydrate the skin

If you are not very up to date or you only know a few remedies, in the following lines we will give you some tips to hydrate the skin in winter.

Yogurt with mashed potato

It is a very popular home remedy and easy to prepare. You will only need a cup of yogurt (200 gr) and 3 tablespoons of mashed potatoes (60 gr). As simple as that.

The first step will be to combine the yogurt with the mashed potato until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Then, you should apply it directly to the face and cover up to the neck.

How long should I let it sit? The ideal is about 20 minutes and after that time, remove it with warm water. The ideal is to repeat this treatment about three times a week.

Almonds oil

For this section, you should have 2 cups of hot water (500 ml), half a tablespoon of almond oil (7.5 gr), a cloth and a hand towel. Are they hard to get? Of course not.

The first thing will be, with hot water, moisten your face. Immediately afterwards, pour the almond oil and rub it into your hands. Take it home and perform gentle massages with circular movements.

Be sure to do these movements for a couple of minutes, and then dip the hand towel in the hot water. Then wring out the towel well and place it over your face.

Of course, be careful not to burn your face or it could be a terrible experience. Leave it until it reaches room temperature and finally clean your face with the cloth, according to reports from better with health.