Tiktoker ‘sued’ her parents for bringing her into the world and now she has a family

Tiktoker ‘sued’ her parents for bringing her into the world and now she has a family


Thousands of people on TikTok become famous for being jokers or go viral for certain comments, this is the case of Kass Theaz (@isatandstared). She left her followers confused by stating that She is a mother and at the same time “denounced” her parents for having brought her into the world some time ago. Today his satire got out of control and even his motherhood was called into question.

This case comes from USA and questioned the credibility of a certain woman who called herself a lesbian: “I thought it was obvious that he was joking”said the intrepid content creator, as she recounted that only a year ago she had become popular for having “sued” her parents for having her and taking care of her.

“People get upset by anything”

Kass has been uploading videos to Tiktok for some time talking about different things that attract her attention: lifestyle, psychological issues, and recently she has responded to ‘heaters’ who classify her as a bad woman. In a clip that attracted 2.2 million views, she told that she had children “ethically.”

Ell went on to say that she did not adopt her children, despite the joking comment for which she became known on the social network: She sued her parents for having her: “I mentioned in my last video that I went to buy clothes for my children, and many people are surprised to hear that I have children considering that I sued my parents for having me without my permission.“, said.

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According to the tiktoker, her parents did not consider the enormous task that it was going to be for her to grow up and get a job to stay. These words were part of a satire and joke that ended up “being real” for many followers. His comment went around the world a year ago, and he even mentioned that adopting is good since it is not “their fault that they are here (children without parents).”

“Me in the comments trying to figure out if this is legit”said one person. “How do you do this with a straight face? You are hysterical!!”, answered another netizen. However, this was nothing more than a very long joke: “However, I find it funny. People get upset over anything. It shows how little people investigate before reacting”clarified Kass about his great performance.