The truth about the controversial photo on ‘Kiss Cam’ during a Mexican soccer match

For years the use of the ‘Kiss Cam’ in sporting events in various countries has generated joy, but also curious facts. The last of them occurred at halftime of the match between Puebla and Santos Laguna for the MX League. He viral video surprised the users of social networks and here we tell you the history.

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What is the ‘Kiss Cam’?

The kiss cam‘ either ‘kissing cams It is an activity that is here to stay in Aztec football. In the half-time of various matches, this dynamic does its thing: well, the stadium broadcast captures lovers who attend sports matches.

Did they realize they were being recorded?

On some occasions, some couples take advantage of this moment to make marriage proposals; but, this time it did not happen like that. The last friday 8 of Junein it cuauhtemoc stadiumthe kiss cam‘ from TV Azteca followed the ‘protocol’ and recorded a couple in the stands.

According to the shot, the lovey-dovey protagonists were kissing, but one detail caught the attention of the users of the social networks: the woman seemed to have her hands on the young man’s private parts.

This is the truth behind the controversy

“That hand! how barbaric”, the rapporteurs were heard to say in full transmission. Minutes later, the particular scene turned trend on the Internet and comments of all kinds were not lacking.

Luckily, another image showed that she wasn’t actually touching anyone, but was holding some tickets in her hands. Without a doubt, the visual effect he made many fall into deception.

Girl grabs the ticket with her hand while chatting.  (Image capture: @BereniceDiazG / Twitter)

Girl grabs the ticket with her hand while chatting. (Image capture: @BereniceDiazG / Twitter)

Origin of the ‘Kiss Cam’

The kissing cam tradition originated in California in the early 1980s, as a way to fill in the gaps in the game of professional baseball, taking advantage of the then-new giant video screens, according to Wikipedia.

Step by step of the ‘Kiss Cam’

When the kiss cam is in action, the audience can be alerted by a familiar “kissing related” song being played and/or an announcer warning the crowd. The attending crowd then turn their attention to the video screen marked ‘kiss cam’. Normally, several consecutive pairs are selected and appear on the screen.

As each couple appears on the screen, they are expected to kiss. In addition, sporting event staff may appear as couples refusing kisses or proposals to entertain or surprise the audience, according to Wikipedia.

What is the ‘Kiss Cam’ for?

According Wikipediathe ‘Kiss Cam’known in Spanish as the kissing chamber, is a social pastime that takes place during sporting events in arenas, stadiums, and fields in the USA and Canada. A camera ‘kiss cam‘ scans the crowd and selects a couple, and their images are shown on the arena’s giant screens.

Is the ‘Kiss Cam’ staged?

According to the magazine Newsweekciting entertainment news site UPROXXthere have been plenty of viral kiss cam moments depicted over the years. “In fact, it happens all the time in stadiums across the country (United States), with public relations teams doing everything they can to make their fans laugh through parodies of kiss camstated the aforementioned website.

Why do people kiss on ‘Kiss Cam’?

It is intended as a light-hearted distraction to the main event during a timeout, TV timeout, or similar downtime. The couple focused on by the camera may not be in a romantic relationship. In fact, they can be relatives, friends, or strangers. It often results in a platonic kiss, perhaps awkward, he stresses Wikipedia.

What is the ‘Kiss Cam’ in sports?

According to the portal, a diversion during timeouts at sporting events, in which couples are invited to kiss on camera and be seen on the stadium’s giant screens. The kiss cam operator focuses on a man and a woman and makes an announcement or plays the kiss cam song.

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