The trick to wash your duvets in simple steps

The trick to wash your duvets in simple steps


Low temperatures motivate many people to resort to quilts, the famous quilts used as bedspreads. However, it is convenient to wash them from time to time, as it can accumulate dust mites. Meet a cash homemade trick to keep them free of dirt.

The bed is the place where we spend a good part of the day and when the cold days arrive we usually cover them with the famous quilts. Thanks to their filling, which can be made of wool or artificial fibers, they allow you to isolate the cold and keep your body temperature in good condition.

As with mattresses or sheets, duvets should also be washed, as they can accumulate dust mites, sweat, or bacteria with continued use. However, the periodicity to wash this type of covers varies. According to experts, duvets should be washed at least once every six months.

How to wash duvets in the washing machine?

There are two types of duvets that can be purchased in different stores: feather and synthetic fiber. In both cases, each duvet can be washed in the washing machine, as long as the appliance has between 8 and 9 kilos of load. In addition, you must make sure that there are no holes in the seams to prevent the padding from coming out and, previously, remove the stains with soap and water.

Before putting the comforter in the washing machine, according to the advice of Piasweethome Home Magazine. Organized house, you should look at the label to wash at the right temperature, use detergent for delicate clothes and some tennis balls to facilitate drying.

To dry the duvet, you can opt for a dryer or do it in the open air for two days. In the latter case, you must make sure to turn it over. Once they are dry, you can store your duvets with vacuum bags to save space.

How to wash duvets by hand?

In the case the comforter cannot be washed in the washing machine, you can do it by hand. One way is to fill the bathtub with water until it covers the comforter, put soap for delicate clothes, let the cover soak and every fifteen minutes make gentle movements so that the dirt comes out.

Another method you can use is to place your comforter in a large sink filled with water, add mild laundry detergent, and let it soak. After this process, you can stir with your feet to remove accumulated dirt.

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