The trick to store your duvets without taking up much space

There are many families that use duvets to protect themselves from the cold, but when the weather is changeable it is time to put them away. Due to its thickness, it is not easy to find a place at home for these elements. At MAG we share two easy-to-apply home trickswhich will surely surprise you with its simplicity.

Quilts are pieces widely used in cold seasons. Its soft cover and padding can be used as a bedspread to stay warm at all times. There are different types, but basically they all fulfill the same function.

When the weather is changeable, however, it is decided to store the duvets in closets and other spaces. Due to its thickness, it often takes up all the space and makes it impossible to store other items. The good news is that there is a way around it.

How to store duvets without taking up a lot of space?

Garbage bag

An ingenious way to save quilts is by using garbage bags. According to the advice of the YouTube channel Rosibel vlogs FAT BOYZ & QUEEN, just place the duvet inside the wrap and compress it with a vacuum cleaner. Just make sure you’re careful not to break the bag. Finally, you must tie well so that the air does not come out.

vacuum bags

If you are looking to store more duvets, vacuum bags are the best option, according to the advice of youtuber Pepa Tabero. You just have to put your covers on, close the bag by hand very carefully and remove some of the air with your hand. The other steps in the following video:

What is a duvet and what is it for?

It is a kind of special fabric for the bed and is used specifically in the winter season. Mostly, they are thick, padded, and filled with padding to keep people warm.

What is the difference between duvets and bedspreads?

A bedspread can be a thin cover for a light bed, used instead of a summer blanket or duvet. On the other hand, the duvet is designed to provide protection and not so much heat.

What is better quilt or duvet?

The quilt does not have the function of ‘covering you’ while you rest, while the duvet can be used to cover yourself and you can use it in cold times or at halftime.

What is queen comforter?

A Queen duvet refers to the measurement 160 cm and 180 cm wide, with a length of 200 cm, similar to a larger than standard bed. This type of bed requires a special type of duvet like this for maximum comfort for users.