The trick to save the rice if it came out masacotudo

The vast majority of people think that doing the rice It is relatively simple and indeed it is. There is not a lot of science on the ingredients to use or how to calculate the water. However, some mistakes are made that end up ruining the dinner.

If the rice came out lumpy because you weren’t careful with the water measurement or you turned off the cooker early because you thought it was ready, don’t throw it down the sink or garbage container.

First of all, because the rice grains will clog the pipe due to their ability to absorb a lot of water and, therefore, clog the pipes in a matter of seconds. You will only get to spend on calling a plumber.

The second because, believe it or not, there is salvation masacotudo rice following the steps that we will mention below, so we recommend you stay on the note.

Trick to save masacotudo rice

The elements that you will need are the following: strainer, boul or container, tray or baking dish and cold water.

As is known, when preparing rice you have to be aware at all times. For this reason, if you see that it is taking a sticky consistency, you should remove it from the heat as soon as possible.

Subsequently, the second step will be to strain it and remove the hot water. Immediately afterwards, it is pertinent to place it inside the boul or container, to later add a little cold water.

Everything good up to that point? After this step, with the help of your fingers, you should detach the grains from each other. If you do not want to perform this action, you can strain it again and leave it in a dry container.

The last step will be to place it in a baking dish or tray and leave it there for about 5 minutes. After removing it from the oven, you will see how the texture of the rice will have changed.