The trick to disinfect and preserve green leafy vegetables

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The vegetables Green leaves are widely used in the kitchen to incorporate them into various recipes. However, these foods must be properly cleaned, disinfected and preserved so that our health is not harmed. How to do it? Here we explain it to you.

Among the foods that are recommended to be included in a balanced diet are green leafy vegetables, rich sources of minerals, vitamins or fiber. We can name cilantro, spinach, chard, among others, in this group.

Although these vegetables help us strengthen our body and protect us from diseases, they may be contaminated with microbes when they are purchased. For this reason, these foods must be washed and even disinfected so as not to have major problems.

How to clean and disinfect green leafy vegetables?

Follow these tips provided by Addy’s Kitchen YouTube channel to clean and disinfect fresh vegetables in the best way.

spinach and chard

  • Remove the stem with your hand or scissors
  • Place the spinach leaves in a container and proceed to wash them in the tap one by one.
  • To disinfect the leaves you can use white vinegar or some disinfectant for vegetables. Pour two tablespoons into two liters of water and stir
  • Place the leaves in the container with the mixture
  • So that they are well submerged, use a few cups and leave them to rest for 10 minutes.
  • After the time has elapsed, remove the excess water and place the leaves on a cloth napkin
  • Spread the leaves and remove excess water with a few gentle blows
  • Dry the leaves with absorbent paper towels.

coriander and parsley

  • Remove a good part of the cilantro and parsley stems
  • Choose the leaves that are in good condition and remove the withered leaves
  • Wash the coriander leaves and parsley in the tap
  • Disinfect the leaves with water and white vinegar
  • Let rest for a few minutes, after immersing them with the help of a few cups
  • After the time has elapsed, remove the excess water and place the leaves on a cloth napkin
  • Spread the leaves and remove excess water with a few gentle blows
  • Gather the ‘piles’ of coriander so that the stems are unified

How to preserve spinach and chard?

  • Place the stacked leaves on an absorbent paper napkin and roll up
  • Place the rolled leaves in storage bags or plastic bags. Squeeze the air out of the bags and seal them.
  • Put the bags in the fridge
  • The leaves may be in good condition for almost a month

How to preserve coriander and parsley?

  • In glass jars pour a little water (the measure of two inclined fingers)
  • Place the collected cilantro in the jars, so that the stems are moistened with the water
  • It closes tightly with its lids. If you don’t have a lid, cover them with plastic bags.
  • Put the containers in the fridge
  • Cilantro and parsley will be good for up to a week.

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