The surprise of 2 Americans when spending very little in an Argentine restaurant: “They have to come”

The surprise of 2 Americans when spending very little in an Argentine restaurant: “They have to come”


Eating your fill in Argentina seems to become a fashion for content creators and tourists, especially if you have dollars with you. Given this premise of flavors, a couple of tourists from the US enjoyed the best that the Latin country has to offer: wines, roasts, pizzas, desserts and A1 service from its best restaurants.

The footage in Argentina was viralized by the account @authentic_travelling, a couple of travelers who show the different dishes and cultures they experience throughout their travels; At the moment they have already visited 154 countries and the account is growing. This time, the destination was the country of the world champion in soccer and they did not stop glorifying their delicious food at the best price.

It cost them 8 dollars and 50 cents

The pair of travelers recorded what would be a ‘collage’ of delicious Argentine dishes, and their presentation could not have been more bizarre: They tried a San Telmo grill and thus enjoyed their famous Argentine barbecue: “The first thing we ordered was a wine, which cost us 3 dollars”they mentioned in the middle of the footage that it already left good feelings on Internet users.

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in his wake they chose a juicy cut of steak and they complemented it with native fries. “It was worth about 8 dollars and 50 cents”, said Cris, who had marveled at the modest prices of these rich dishes, due to the inflation of the Argentine peso with respect to the US dollar. In the midst of his reflection, he followed his round with a tiramisu that was enough for them only 2 dollars for each portion.

Finally, the American and his companion did not leave anything and showed the payment ticket, that is, 9,280 pesos, which is equivalent to 30 dollars for foreigners: “They have to come to Argentina”: “Three dollars? In Australia a glass costs eight ”, a user dedicated to him, since in Oceanian countries eating in restaurants like this would be very expensive.