The secret ingredient to combat rough knees and elbows

The secret ingredient to combat rough knees and elbows


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Elbows and knees are the great forgotten of our body; however, they are one of the most sensitive parts and if we do not pay them the necessary attention, they quickly crack, dry out and darken. This can look a bit unsightly and annoying, as well as denote a problem of health.

If you have tried everything and no product or treatment has given you results to end rough knees and elbows, from MAG we bring you a simple trick to combat it.

Best of all, it is an ingredient that you will find in your kitchen and use daily to sweeten your coffee or juices. What are we talking about? The sugar.

Sugar, ideal for treating rough knees and elbows

For this remedy you will need two tablespoons of coarse sugar and two tablespoons of coconut oil. The latter you will have to buy in case you do not have it in the pantry.

The procedure is very simple. The first thing will be to incorporate the two ingredients in a container and then mix them until you get a thick paste.

Afterwards, you will need to clean the areas you wish to treat before applying the paste. Then, perform gentle circular massages and wait about 20 minutes.

After this time, rinse with warm water and that will be all. It is advisable to repeat the procedure two to three times a week.