The most difficult scene that Carmen Aub has recorded in “El señor de los cielos”

In 2019, Telemundo decided to end the life of Aurelio Casillas, the protagonist of “The Lord of the heavens”, putting the franchise at risk, which is related to productions such as “the lady” either “the chema”, also from the Hispanic chain in the United States.

Although the reason for the character’s departure was the delicate state of Rafael Amayaan actor who played the criminal leader in all installments, he managed to rehabilitate himself and resume his role, confirming a new season in 2022, which marked the return of aurelio to take revenge on his enemies.

With a ninth season on the way, one of the characters that has shown the greatest evolution is Rutila Casillasinterpreted by carmen auband who became part of the main cast from the third installment of the saga.

The Mexican actress plays Rutila Casillas in "The Lord of the heavens" (Photo: Carmen Aub / Instagram)

The Mexican actress plays Rutila Casillas in “El señor de los cielos” (Photo: Carmen Aub / Instagram)


In conversation with People en Español, the Mexican actress referred to the evolution of her character and the challenges that the series poses for the future, in addition to confessing the most difficult moments for both Rutila and herself, when it comes to recording the story. .

In this sense, the 33-year-old actress considers the most difficult moment to record the alleged death of her father, since she had to put everything of herself to show her pain at the death and burial of Casillas.

Before she always said that the scene of the rape had been a very difficult scene, today I think that when Rutila believes that her father died. I think that scene was very difficult, the funeral, the death, everything that came around the death of his father.”, he indicated.

As you remember, in the seventh season, Aurelio Casillas falls into a coma and apparently dies after being shot by “the cape” (Robinson Diaz), who took revenge for the death of his son.

The heartbreaking scene included his mother’s farewell message (lisa owen) and the cries and screams of Rutila, who was removed from the place by the members of the clan.


The death of Aurelio Casillas in the seventh season is not the only hard moment that the character experienced in the saga, since on more than one occasion she has dealt with the departure of people around her.

Every death she has experienced, for example that of her mother, her brother, her sister, her grandmother… Those deaths have marked her a lot.Aub recalled.

For the Mexican actress, discovering Aurelio’s illegal activities and how they caused the death of her mother was a moment of contradiction that the character had a hard time overcoming.

Also realizing, he really always knew where his dad came from but obviously he grew up and became more and more aware of reality. At the moment when her mother is killed and she is filled with hatred and wants to take revenge on him, after her obviously the story evolves and she forgives her father, but that moment marked her a lot“, he pointed.

The romances, the abuses and the blows that the character received, both at a family and personal level, shaped the character of Telemundo, Aub highlighted in the interview.

The toxic relationship she had with El Chema was another, when she was raped it was another, when her grandmother takes her children and kidnaps them is another. I think she has had several moments, but those have been very important to give her the personality and temperament that Rutila has today.he mused.

Rutila Casillas had an affair with "the chema"played by Mauricio Ochmann in "The Lord of the heavens" (Photo: Telemundo)

Rutila Casillas had an affair with “El Chema”, played by Mauricio Ochmann in “El Señor de los Cielos” (Photo: Telemundo)