The most common mistakes when cleaning the iron base

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An iron is a appliance which serves to smooth the clothes removing wrinkles and marks, which it achieves through the application of heat, pressure and, of course, steam. It is an essential accessory in any home due to the functions it fulfills, but it is also true that it gets dirty very easily.

When the base of the iron burns, we think that it will be enough to wipe with a damp cloth when the appliance cools down, but this is an erroneous thought.

There are home remedies, such as the use of baking soda, which are effective in cleaning the base of the iron. However, not everyone knows about these methods and uses others that they see on the Internet.

In order not to spoil the appliance in a short time, at MAG we tell you the most common mistakes when cleaning the base of the iron.

Errors when cleaning the iron base

One of the mistakes is to use soap or detergent. While many people use it to clean their clothes iron, these products will only make things worse by leaving a residue on the bottom.

Another very common mistake is to clean it and think that it is ready for use. After that, it is recommended to rinse it with lukewarm water and let it air dry.

Finally, there is also the fact of not checking the excess rust and debris that prevent it from sliding well. Before this, mix a little salt with vinegar and apply on the metal base. Then rub very carefully and problem solved.