The ingenious trick when defrosting bread so that it is crispy

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If you think about preparing a decent breakfast, you will surely have cups of coffee, butter, jam and even guacamole ready to spread on crusty bread. What if we have frozen breads? There is a way to make this dough go back to its crisp and soft inside. At MAG we teach you how to achieve it in a few minutes and before your visit arrives.

Many people tend to forget to buy bread for the key hours of the day; breakfast and lunch. Added to this, it is possible that you arrive late at the bakery or that your favorite bread is not there; you can also find them hard and cold. However, if you frozen your bread from the day before, it is possible to eat it as if it were a tender and crispy bun.

How to defrost bread to eat it?

If you want your French, flatbread, or baguette bread to be ready after freezingIt is vital that you follow these suggestions minutes before serving everything on the table. And even, many times, it will seem that the stored bread will keep the consistency of fresh from the oven:

  • Take the bread out of the freezer 30 minutes in advance. Save the times before the first meal of the day or dinner.
  • Let’s wrap it with a damp cloth (or paper napkin) the bread. Then, put it in the microwave for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • If we see that it is not completely defrosted when removing the bread, repeat the process a few more times.

People eat thawed bread like a freshly bought one.  Take it out 30 minutes in advance to make it edible (Photo: @Freepick)

People eat thawed bread like a freshly bought one. Take it out 30 minutes in advance to make it edible (Photo: @Freepick)
  • Now, you can use your kitchen oven to defrost your bread almost immediately. This method will take better care of your crispy crust and preserve your soft crumb..
  • Use the alternative of 200 degrees to start rebaking the bread. We are going to introduce a grate over your dough and program it for 5 minutes. It is worth repeating the process if you still did not get the results you expected.
  • Ready! Taste an almost perfect bread in the face of time urgencies. It will get you out of one or more troubles.