The heartbreaking story of a taxi driver who had to take an elderly woman to a nursing home

Cristian Michell is a taxi driver from Mexico that he had a difficult time when he went to pick up a person. According to the heartbreaking story of him, which right now is viral in TikTok, had to take an old woman to a nursing home. You will find all the details of the event here.

The man recounted what happened through three videos that he shared on the aforementioned social network. In the first he made it clear that one day, at about 10 in the morning, he did not want to accept any service, since he was determined to have breakfast; however, he forgot to turn off the Uber app. That’s why you got an alert.

“And I can’t refuse trips because Uber penalizes me”, assured the taxi driver, who eventually arrived at the place where he had to pick up his client. While there, he saw an old woman sitting on a stool with five black bags. According to what he said, the lady was crying.

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As Cristian contacted the person who requested the service, she told him that he was not going to leave his house and that he should take the elderly woman who was on the street. This is how the driver got out of his vehicle to go to the old woman. When she saw him, she cried more.

In the second viral video, the taxi driver assured that he asked if he could help her with something. “Then he tells me: ‘I don’t want to leave. I just peed myself’”, said the man, who was shocked to hear his words. Then he indicated that she asked him the following: “Tell my daughter that I did nothing wrong, that if she wants I can wash my clothes, that I just peed. I did not do anything wrong”.

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But despite all this, he had to do his duty. That is why he arranged everything in his vehicle for the old woman to enter. “When she got in the car, in the back, she began to lower the glass by herself. We were leaving and she leaned out the window and blessed the house ”Cristian stressed.

Already during the trip, the lady told her that her son-in-law got angry with her because she had urinated on her clothes. That subject, according to her third viral video, yelled at her that he was already tired of her person and that he was going to send her to a place so that she was comfortable.

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The old woman was not defended by her daughter

As the daughter of the elderly woman did not defend her at any time, the son-in-law, after making a call to a nursing home, put the old woman’s clothes in black bags and then took the lady to the street, where he asked her to sit down and wait for a taxi.

“It says that was before 9 (am). Wey, the alert came to me around 10 in the morning. poor lady”the taxi driver specified. “The old lady tells me: ‘My daughter wasn’t like that, but since I already sold all my properties and distributed the money to my children at once, my daughter changed and the truth is that I don’t know her'”added the driver.

“He told me: ‘By telling you that I made breakfast and they didn’t even offer me breakfast. I’m fasting”said Cristian later, who, after hearing that, decided to give him a “pancake” that had been bought.

When they arrived at the nursing home, the lady thanked her for having listened to her and for the “cake”. But that’s not all, because he also told her that neither his daughter nor her son-in-law remembered that that day was her birthday. The taxi driver assured that he did not charge the old woman anything and that at least it is comforting to know that she will no longer be with people who make her suffer.

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