The guide to blur images on WhatsApp Web without downloading applications

The guide to blur images on WhatsApp Web without downloading applications


Surely you ever wanted to share a photo through WhatsApp Web, the version of the aforementioned messaging service for browsers, however, you abstained because you did not want to show a specific part of the JPGE or PNG file, did you know that you can already blur any part of an image from the same web page belonging to Meta? It is something that in Mag we will explain below.

The function is available between the basic editing tools of WhatsApp Webmeans that you will not have to download programs, extensions from the Chrome Web Store or go to a third-party page.

Before starting, it is important to mention that the option “blur” At the moment it is being tested in the beta version of WhatsApp Web, that’s right, this service for browsers already has a test “program”, although some users indicated that it was also deployed and they are using it in the stable version.

So you can blur your images on WhatsApp Web

  • First, go to the page WhatsApp Web and link your account.
  • You do it in the following way: enter the mobile app of your cell phone > press the icon of the three points (top right) > “Paired devices” > “Link a device” > place the fingerprint (if necessary) > the camera will open > scan the QR code of the computer or laptop.
  • Now, enter a conversation, either personal or group.
  • The next step is to click on the clip icon > tap on the “Photos and videos” button > select your image.
  • Eight tools will be displayed at the top: click on “blur” (symbol of the square made with pixels).
  • By default the image will be pixelated, so below change this to “Blur”. Calibrate the intensity from 0% to 100%, it’s a matter of taste, we recommend 60% or 65%.
  • If you don’t see this option then follow the same steps but through the beta. In the main interface of WhatsApp Web, press the three dots > “Settings” > scroll to the bottom and click on “Help”.
  • Check the box “Join the beta”.
  • Finally, refresh the page so that you get the trial version.

The tool allows you to adjust the part you want to blur.  (Photo: GEC)

The tool allows you to adjust the part you want to blur. (Photo: GEC)

How to know who your partner talks to the most on WhatsApp

  • The first thing you have to do is grab your partner’s mobile device. It would be best to borrow it from him for a moment.
  • She or he must know what you will do with his mobile, otherwise he will not give it to you or he will simply hide it. Remember that trust is key.
  • Remember that there must be too much trust for him to allow you to have or check his cell phone or else you will be violating that person’s privacy.
  • On the other hand, now he uses his WhatsApp and it is not necessary that you have to enter each of the conversations or read them.
  • You just have to go to the Settings section and then look for the “Storage and data” section.
  • At that time you will see a list of all the contacts your partner spoke with.
  • The one with the most weight is the one that, in general, he or she tends to talk the most since it contains more data stored.
  • Most likely, you are the person who appears first, that being the person with whom he is most aware.
  • It can also be a relative like dad or mom, and even a group of friends.
  • Remember that if your partner is one of the users who tends to delete conversations, this list may not be visible.
  • You can also make them disappear after 24 hours, including pictures and videos, so if you turn on that feature, you won’t see who you’re talking to anymore either.
  • Likewise, if he does not want you to see his WhatsApp, you should not insist or a “toxic” relationship would be generated.
  • Similarly, if you forcefully review conversations, you may be hit with a lawsuit penalty.
  • Also in the same trick you can know what photos you have sent and even the ones you have received.

Did you find this trick interesting? WhatsApp? We tell you that this messaging application is constantly changing and updating, so new shortcuts, codes, and tools are always coming out that will make your experience sending or receiving texts, stickers, or multimedia content more fun. To continue discovering the news you will only need to enter the following link with more notes from WhatsApp in Mag, and done. Do not miss it!

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