The couple who feigns disability to ask for money on the street and causes outrage

In many cases, necessity drives people to take to the streets to earn a living, but some take advantage of the goodwill of others, such as a couple who pull off a well-crafted scam by pretending disability to get a couple of coins from the unwary who believe their lies.

He viral video takes place in Cholula, Puebla (Mexico), being shared on TikTok by Puebla Millenial (@pueblamillenial) where we see a man and a woman standing on the side of the sidewalk; both wear masks and next to them we notice a wheelchair.

Suddenly, she says something to her companion and he jumps on the chair at full speed. Immediately the woman covers his legs with a dark blanket, while placing a yellow sign.

Watch the viral video here


Informative video in Puebla

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“They show people in Puebla feigning illness to ask for money. This happened on the straight to Cholula, Puebla. When a neighbor realized that these two were organizing, you can even see how at the beginning of the video the man gets into the wheelchair by his own means. They make sure that no one is watching them to start the opera”.

But the story continues: “and then he puts up a sign on the man describing an alleged disease so that people can donate money to them. Once they see that everything is ready, they begin to move along the different nearby avenues.…the video was recorded during the morning of May 18. You can’t trust anyone anymore, be careful”.

utter outrage

The video has accumulated more than 1.2 million views with thousands of comments from truly outraged people: “Then why do those who really need help no longer receive it, because they think they are the same as these”, “I no longer give (money), but when I see an old man selling I help him”, “they take away our desire to help, let’s not be trusting”, “because of those people, those who need their help do not support us”, “and I am working eight hours. What a good idea”.