The best “One Piece” movie comes to streaming, with Luffy’s Gear 5 and a great soundtrack

The best “One Piece” movie comes to streaming, with Luffy’s Gear 5 and a great soundtrack


After almost 25 years, “One Piece” continues at the top of the anime, with a successful broadcast on television, with an expected manga and fifteen films that say a lot about this phenomenon by Eiichiro Oda. The story of Monkey D. Luffythat comes to Netflix with this live action, continues his course with the Straw Hats, in an ending that is getting closer with the Egghead Island arc. Since Friday, May 26, one of his highest-grossing films has reached the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform.

The creation of Ode has multiple virtues, such as keeping mysteries and intrigue for yearsrevealing them little by little both in the manga and in the anime, without losing the coherence of their argument or the interest of the public.

His television adaptationIn addition, it has exceeded a thousand chapters and celebrated them with a reversal of its first opening, “We are!”and with the announcement of a film that delves into a little-explored detail of the yonkou Shanksthe captain of the crew of the Redhead Pirates.

Although it is not a canonical tape, Oda revealed that one of the characters did appear in the manga, at least his silhouette. And there was another detail that meant an advance gift from the followers of “One Piece”: the first animation of the Luffy’s Gear 5which is already close to being fully seen in the arc of Wano Kuni in the anime.

Uta, the protagonist of the “One Piece” movie (Photo: Toei Animation)

Uta, the protagonist of the “One Piece” movie (Photo: Toei Animation)


“One Piece Film: Red” (2022)directed by Goro Taniguchiis the blockbuster movie of “One Piece” that is now available on Amazon Prime Video and that tells the story of Uta, the daughter of Shanks the Redhead. The young woman is a world famous singer and she decides to give a live concert, on a stage that brings together pirates, members of the Navy and, of course, the Straw Hats.

The Mugiwara they find out that Luffy meets Uta and they embark towards the show. The show, at first, looks like another festival, with lots of drinks, food and fun. However, it takes other colors when Uta makes her appearance and a group of criminals try to kidnap her.

This is how it is known that, in addition to being a prodigious singer, she is also a strong woman and that she even has a Devil Fruit. That will not be the only surprise in the story, because the protagonist has a plan behind to eradicate evil, even those who are dedicated to being pirates.

The film manages to balance music, an intriguing story and the fights that fans of “One Piece”. The soundtrack, performed by adois one of the highest points of the film, which at times has the style of a musical, but without radically changing the proposal for the creation of Eiichiro Oda: actually, the power due to the quality of the songs and the interpretation of the Japanese artist.

One Piece Film: Red It stands out for showing a protagonist who crosses the limits of good intentions until she is mistaken for a villain. The animation, in addition, is another of her virtues, especially in the final fight when Luffy takes the form of the Gear 5, that of Nika, the god of Liberationnext to a Shanks which shows which side of the story he is on, at least in this recommended movie.

Luffy with Gear 5 in the movie "One Piece Film: Red" (Photo: Toei Animation)

Luffy with Gear 5 in the movie “One Piece Film: Red” (Photo: Toei Animation)