The Android trick so that nobody turns on the “airplane mode” of your phone

All current and old smartphones, regardless of their brand or model, have “airplane mode”, it is a type of setting that serves to turn off all wireless connections on your mobile device, it means that you will not have access to the internet and neither to other basic cell phone tools Androidsuch as: make or receive calls and text messages (SMS), activate mobile data, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.

In short, if you activate the aforementioned mode, your mobile device will only work for applications that do not require a network connection, such as the calculator, calendar, flashlight, and others. Did you know that you can turn on airplane mode without having locked your cell phone? It is something that many thieves do when your computer is stolen, it is not all, they also have the possibility of turning off or enabling all the functions that are in the control center.

Before beginning it is necessary to highlight the following: the airplane mode It was created to enable it minutes before traveling on a plane, since the cell phone signal could interfere or impair communication between the flight crew and air traffic controllers, however, it is also very useful to save battery, less charging time and when you have problems with Wi-Fi or mobile data.

So you can prevent them from turning on airplane mode when your smartphone is locked

  • First, enter the “Settings” of your phone Androidyou locate it with the icon of a cogwheel or gear.
  • Now, find and click on the section that says “Lock screen”.
  • The next step is to click on the option called “Secure Lock Setting”, it is likely that the name will change slightly depending on the brand and model of the cell phone.
  • To continue with the process, Android will ask you to enter your PIN, password or security pattern.
  • Finally, activate the options “Block with side key” and “Block network and security”. Leave the settings to keep the changes.

How do I know that the adjustments made already work? With the screen locked, try to display the tool menu from the notification bar, the buttons for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, etc. will appear, try to activate “airplane mode” and they will automatically ask for your security pattern or password.

What to do if you forgot the password or pattern of your Android mobile?

  • From the browser of your choice, enter the Google account that you linked to the phone Android where you forgot the password, you need to log in.
  • Go to the “Find my device” section, click here to go quickly.
  • Choose which device you want to unlock, press it.
  • You will get a map and on the left side three options: “Play sound”, “Lock device” and “Clear device data”, click on the second.
  • Finally, set a new password, which you must remember, so write it down on a piece of paper. You may be asked to log in again.

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