“Survivors 2023”: explanation of the secret contestant

After almost 3 months of contests, romances and uninterrupted scandals, the dynamic of “Survivors” will have a 180 degree turn. It turns out that the reality of Telecinco announced the dynamics of the secret contestant within the program ahead of the grand finale. Is it a new way to save the nominees?

Although the departure of Ginés Corregüela left an important void on Honduran beaches, the contest program of Telecinco He has managed to get ahead without the creator of Spanish content. Its audience numbers and the good average share have made the reality show hosted by Carlos Sobera one of the most watched in its time slot in Iberian territory.

However, as in other productions, the changes have not been alien to the reality show, since “Survivors” decided to include the secret contestant modality for the next editions. In this Survivors gala, we will know a novelty: who will be the secret contestant “pointed out Carlos Sobera at the beginning of the edition of the last Thursday, May 26.


Although the decision of a new modality can be somewhat confusing for the spectators, it is worth saying that the Telecinco program He included this dynamic to extend his duration on the cable signal and give those eliminated one more chance.

It turns out that, after the audience data for the format, Telecinco decided that “Survivientes” would be the television space chosen to extend its duration on the air, giving birth to the figure of secret contestant.

The reality show host explained the new dynamics of "survivors" (Photo: Mediaset)

The reality show host explained the new dynamics of “Survivors” (Photo: Mediaset)

In this sense, the organization decided to give a second chance to those who were eliminated by public vote so that they can return to the competition. Of course, they will live excluded from the central area of ​​the contestants.

“The expelled will live just 15 meters from the Survivor camp and will have the difficult mission of not being discovered. If you exceed that goal, you will face an express vote with the next expelled and, if you survive, you will once again have the option to be a full-fledged contestant ”indicated Sobera.

It should be said that, in order to carry out this mission, the expelled participant will have a minimum amount of equipment to go unnoticed among his companions, so it was decided that he go camouflaged in the jungle.

Raquel Arias became the first secret contestant of "Survivors 2023" (Photo: Mediaset)

Raquel Arias became the first secret contestant of “Survivientes 2023” (Photo: Mediaset)

This will not only extend the duration of the program, but it will generate more adrenaline for the secret contestant, since he will have to go unnoticed among his other colleagues if he wants to return to compete for first place with his former teammates.


Raquel Arias did not have the best of luck and fell in the vote count against Manuel and Artur. In this way, her dream of reaching the grand final seemed to have ended completely, or at least we thought so.

And it is that Raquel had no idea of ​​the new modality of the program, and when the drivers informed her that she was going to be the first secret contestant, the 30-year-old girl could not contain her joy and released a few words for this new opportunity. “I love it! Go for all I am totally delighted, I want to be here and it is what I want”.

The Spanish participant must avoid being seen by her reality partners (Photo: Mediaset)

The Spanish participant must avoid being seen by her reality partners (Photo: Mediaset)

In this way, Arias goes down in history as the first secret contestant and will have to avoid being seen by her peers. It seems that “Survivors” do know how to innovate, don’t you think?