Students surprise teacher after his last chemotherapy session

A high school teacher in Michigan, USA, was recently greeted by a large crowd of family, friends and students after completing his latest round of cancer treatment. The video of the emotional moment was made viral on social networks.

Brendan Harrisonwho is also a baseball coach in Saginaw, completed his 12th round of chemotherapy while battling colon cancer.

On May 8, Harrison left the health center and was greeted by an overwhelming round of applause, cheers, handmade signs and hugs. The touching moment was caught on video.

While ringing a bell, a tearful Harrison can be seen hugging his friends, family, students, and the boys on the baseball team he coaches.

A patient who “Ring the bell” it’s a ritual often performed at medical facilities to mark a milestone in cancer treatment, according to the Oncology Nursing Society.

Diagnosed with colon cancer

Harrison was diagnosed with colon cancer in October 2022, her sister, Morgan Harrison, told Storyful.

Following his diagnosis, Brendan Harrison immediately entered surgery to remove a cancerous massthe sister informed the aforementioned medium.

After two months of recoverystarted chemotherapy which has been ongoing for the past six months.

“Is baseball teacher and coach from the high school varsity team, so you can see your team along with many friends and family gathered to congratulate you on such an achievement.”Morgan Harrison shared with Storyful.

That Monday, when they arrived at the treatment center, the Bay City Western baseball team tweeted photos alongside Harrison, also known as “Coach Bubba.” “The whole team there to support you”the post read, in part. “I love you Bubba!”