Silence, is it based on a real life story?

Once again, Netflix opted for a Spanish production in its catalog of releases for the month, launching “The silence”a psychological thriller starring Aron Piper and created by Aitor Gabilondo, who have the story of an ex-prisoner tormented on another level.

The story follows Sergio (Aron Piper)a man who leaves prison after several years in prison for the murder of his parents, an event he refuses to talk about despite the insistence of Ana Dussuel (Almudena Amor)a psychiatrist who must determine if the ex-convict is fit to return to society.

Although the netflix series was created by Aitor Gabilondo, responsible for productions such as “Homeland” and “entrevias”, the story has aroused curiosity about the inspiration for the dark plot.

the poster of "The silence" (Photo: Netflix)

The poster of “The Silence” (Photo: Netflix)


Sergio Ciscar is released 6 years after having murdered his parents, when he was still a minor. During that time, Sergio has not said a single word or collaborated with justice, so both the motivations for the crime and his current intentions are a mystery.”, indicates the official synopsis.

The reinsertion of the protagonist will not be easy, because “Ana Dussuel, a young psychiatrist, and her team will be in charge of determining his potential danger to society, secretly observing him day and night, like an animal.”.

Almudena Amor as Ana Dussuel in the series

Almudena Amor as Ana Dussuel in the series “El silencio” (Photo: Netflix)


The short answer is no”. However, on more than one occasion, the production addresses a recurring problem: the reintegration of ex-prisoners into a society that discriminates against them for past crimes and mistakes.

In the series, this is observed through Sergio, a man who seeks to forget what happened the night his parents died and therefore remains silent (hence the title of the series), although this will not be easy for him. return to frequent those who were his family and close people.

In the same way, parricides remind us of the story of José Rabadán, a man who at the age of 16 killed his parents and his little sister with a katana and his release from prison caused a stir in society.

Although Gabilondo made it clear that he did not take elements from the well-known and controversial case, the similarities and parallels are seen in various passages of the series. In the same way, the creator admitted having been inspired by crimes committed by adolescents and the description that the newspapers make about them.

To this is added that the series addresses issues such as voyeurism or the surveillance and monitoring that is carried out on the express, which are keys to determine if they are suitable for their reintegration.