She fell in love with a Korean and listed the differences between him and her ex-boyfriend: “he is clean and tidy”

She fell in love with a Korean and listed the differences between him and her ex-boyfriend: “he is clean and tidy”


  • Now they are dedicated to sharing details of their relationship through social networks, where they accumulate thousands of followers.
  • He went to Messi’s restaurant, showed the prices and generated debate: “Is Leo coming to prepare the macaroni?”

Florencia is a young woman from Argentina who uses her social networks to share details of her relationship with Jiwon, a South Korean man she met in 2020 while looking for people interested in learning English virtually. Three years after first speaking via group chat, the couple tied the knot and are now inseparable.

“The beginning of the relationship was atypical. Mostly in Argentina, women are interested in South Korea, a little for music and another for fashion. I didn’t know anything about Korean culture and he was very curious about Argentines. His interest in our country was given from the first moment ”the woman explained.

In November 2021 they met in person, the chemistry between them flowed and they began a relationship that made them a viral sensation on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

On social media, Florencia often posts videos where Jiwon reacts to the culture shock she faces living in Argentina, being food and the way to communicate what attracts the most attention.

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The differences between her Korean husband and her ex-boyfriend

In conversation with Todo Noticias, Florencia revealed that, in the past, she had several Argentine boyfriends. Thus, she verified that there are a series of marked differences between what she lived with them and the bond that unites her with Jiwon.

  • “He is not afraid of commitment”: from the beginning, the Korean let him know that he wanted to get married. Unlike their ex-partners, they used to feel ashamed or afraid to bring up the subject.
  • “He’s very close”: according to the young woman, the Korean attaches great importance to the couple and draws a line between his life partner, his friends and family, putting her first.
  • “Sensitive and caring”: Florencia assures that Jiwon is not afraid to cry, he is sensitive and he is not afraid to express what he feels, whether it is on the street or in front of his family.
  • “We share the skin care routine”: they usually put masks on their faces and buy creams together. In addition, the Korean puts on makeup and uses sunscreen, since “he is very careful with his appearance.”
  • “It is clean and tidy”: the young woman affirms that her husband cleans and tidies everything to the point of having to argue, since everything must be neat and in its proper place.
  • “Very passionate”: Florencia believes that Koreans are often thought of as cold and distant, but her husband is not and has had a more satisfying experience compared to his Argentinian ex-boyfriends.