Recycle and create!  Brilliant ideas to give wet wipes lids a new lease of life

Recycle and create! Brilliant ideas to give wet wipes lids a new lease of life


You have no idea how to reuse baby wipes caps and give them a second life at home? Avoid discarding plastic and adopt practical and sustainable ideas to turn these objects into useful items. Get inspired by these suggestions and put them into practice as quickly as possible!

It is well known that the plastic present in the lids of wet wipes is a durable and non-biodegradable material. Instead of throwing it away, you can take advantage of its versatility and reuse it in different creative projects. Here at Mag we show you simple ways to wash and prepare lids for reuse.

Turn wet wipe lids into useful and decorative items for your home. From organizers to children’s toys, the possibilities are endless. Follow our advice and give these plastic lids a new purpose, thus contributing to the care of the environment.

Learn how to creatively reuse the plastic lids of wet wipes

Below, discover multiple ways to get the most out of baby wipes in different situations. Here you will find practical ideas for its reuse:

covers sockets

Protect your children and avoid accidents by using the covers of the wet wipes to cover the sockets. Discover this useful safety and comfort tip for the home shared by @masnatural0. Keep the little ones safe!

The wet wipe cover can be reused to cover sockets.  (Photo: TikTok/@masnatural0).

The wet wipe cover can be reused to cover sockets. (Photo: TikTok/@masnatural0).

Napkin holder

For this simple project, you’ll need a rectangular cardboard box, glue, and a wet wipe lid. Place the lid in the center of the box and secure it with glue if necessary. Carefully use a utility knife to poke a hole at the spot marked by the cap. Then, fill the box with napkins and voila! Now you will have a practical paper dispenser. When you’re not using it, simply cover the box to keep it tidy. A creative and functional solution for your napkins!

Other uses

Wet wipe lids are versatile, allowing you to create educational kits, organizers, food containers, and more. Discover inspiring ideas on the YouTube channel How do I do it? and make the most of these practical lids. Give your wet wipes a second life!

What function do wet wipes have?

Today, wet wipes play a critical role in preventing contamination and disease transmission. With specialized formulas, these pre-moistened wipes effectively clean, restore and protect skin in one pass.

What is the difference between wet wipes and wet wipes?

Unlike wet wipes, toilet paper easily disintegrates in water, which wipes don’t. This property of toilet paper allows you to safely dispose of it down the toilet, something you can’t do with wipes.

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