Popocatépetl volcano: what does it mean that its activity rose to yellow phase 3

He Popocatepetl volcano in the eyes of the world. Considered one of the most important in the entire Mexican territory, this volcano It is one of the most active and for many years it has also been an icon of national tourism due to its large size and majesty. However, the authorities have indicated that its activity has gone up to yellow phase 3 and this has been worrying the population. What is it about?

Mexicans are on alert because the Popocatepetl volcano increased its activity since May 20, according to various international media reports. It should be specified that the February 16, 2018 the volcano erupted after registering the earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale that the Mexican territory suffered.

That is why the authorities of Mexico They have been working on the measures to be carried out in the face of a possible increase in mountain activity. But many still do not know what could generate this increase in activity or the phases that are registered in the volcanoes. Here we tell you.

Aerial view of the Popocatépetl volcano (Photo: AFP)

Aerial view of the Popocatépetl volcano (Photo: AFP)


When talking about the volcanoes most famous in the world it is impossible not to mention the popocatepetl. This is located in the center of Mexico 55 kilometers from the southeast area of ​​the federal District.

The portal Argentina.gob indicates that it is from the stratovolcano type and has a height of 5,452 meters above sea level. Likewise, the diameter of the crater is 900 meters.

Add that this mountain It consists of a moderate activity and during the last years the expulsion of ash and volcanic material has been reported in the surroundings of the area.


Name popocatepetl It comes from the Uto-Aztec language known as Nahuatl and whose meaning of this word is “smoking mountainaccording to Argentina.gob.

In addition, for several years this volcano is known by the name of “Don Goyo”.

Popocatépetl volcano is located in Mexican territory (Photo: AFP)

Popocatépetl volcano is located in Mexican territory (Photo: AFP)


The increase in activity of the volcano It has been worrying the population because events could be recorded as in previous years. In this sense, CNN in Spanish indicated that the National Coordination of Civil Protection of Mexico updated the Volcanic Alert Traffic Light of the famous mountain and reported that it is in yellow phase 3.

For its part, El Universal indicated that on May 22 the volcano ejected volcanic material “with a column of 1,600 meters and direction to the East-Northeast”.

That is why the population was asked to be on alert and protect themselves with elements such as face masks or wet handkerchiefs.

The Popocatépetl volcano is one of the best known in the world (Photo: AFP)

The Popocatépetl volcano is one of the best known in the world (Photo: AFP)


In order for citizens to better understand what is happening with the popocatepetlEl Diario reported that the yellow phase 3 indicates that the activity of the volcano It ranges from intermediate to high. Added to this is the growth and destruction of lava domes, as well as the persistence of fumaroles and ash fall.


National Geographic reported that last weekend the Popocatepetl volcano It released volcanic material and had several explosions inside. Thus we have:

  • 5 strong explosions.
  • 8 moderate bangs.


The Mexican authorities informed the population of what is happening. Thus, according to El Mundo, Laura Vasquezof the National Civil Protection CoordinatorHe maintained that talks are already underway with the central government of the state of Puebla for the pertinent actions.

He also asked the authorities to communicate the situation to the general population, as well as to prepare personnel, evacuation teams and shelters.


We’ve all heard of a volcano. To deepen what this means, the Eco exploratory portal maintained that this is a mountain or hill with a large crack where it expels gaseous materials, as well as liquids or solids from the interior towards the nearby area where it is located.

He volcano It is also a fissure in the earth’s crust and inside it maintains molten and solid matter. The crater is located in the highest part of this mountain and when there is great volcanic activity, eruptions occur.

Referential image of a volcano eruption (Photo: AFP)

Referential image of a volcano eruption (Photo: AFP)