“Overcoming guilt”: the seven songs of the soap opera sung by Daniela Romo, Dulce, Fanny Lu and Paty Cantú

As we well know, “Overcome guilt” is one of the most recognized soap operas in the Hispanic world thanks to its great cast led by Helena Rojo, Roberto Ballesteros and Ingrid Martz. However, fiction carried out Rosy Ocampo decided to include four highly talented women to interpret some songs from the melodrama: we are talking about Daniela Romo, Dulce, Paty Cantú and Fanny Lu.

Following the legacy of the previous installments of the “Vencer” saga, this fifth installment promises to repeat the same suspense and romance dynamics as its predecessors, and even exceed audience levels thanks to the inclusion of various acting figures.

In this sense, TelevisaUnivision does not waste time and chose to have Daniela Romo, Dulce, Paty Cantú and Fanny Lu as the main voices of their songs. And it is that each of the protagonists is expected to have their own melody to frame her narrative and make the novel much more dynamic.


According to the statements made by the Las Estrellas web portal, the female characters of “Vencer la culpa” will enjoy their own theme, which is in accordance with their profile and what happens in their story.

“We managed to ensure that the characters of ‘Manuela’, ‘Amanda’, ‘Paloma’ and ‘Yaneli’ had a specific theme and written expressly for their profile, and circumstances before the guilt that each one has to overcome”pointed out Mónica Vélez, famous director of the Composition Workshop of the Society of Music Authors and Composers.

Daniela Romo, Dulce, Fanny Lu and Paty Cantú will perform the 7 songs of "beat the blame" (Photo: TelevisaUnivision)

Daniela Romo, Dulce, Fanny Lu and Paty Cantú will perform the 7 songs of “Vencer la culpa” (Photo: TelevisaUnivision)

In this way, the four celebrities will collaborate with their voices in order to make the melodrama a complete success. According to the same website, the music producer Alex Abaroa pointed out that all this occurred due to the alliance that exists between the Society of Music Authors and Composers and Televisa Univision.

Thus, the soundtrack of the fifth installment of the “Vencer” saga will be much more dynamic and musical than previous editions, especially if we realize that the performers will be Dulce, Rosy, Ocampo, Daniela Romo and Paty Cantú.


According to the producer, about 150 songs in total were gathered for the novela, but only 7 were selected. Along these lines, the names of the singles are as follows:

  • “Almost a lifetime”
  • “light heart”
  • “the other side”
  • “I forgot to love myself”
  • “Without looking back”
  • Two novels that will have the title of the novel


Although the plot of “Overcome the Guilt” has not yet been fully detailed, the producer Rosy Ocampo announced that the team of writers has already worked for this new production up to five different synopseswhich will be carefully evaluated.

“The idea is to submit them for investigation and see which of those has the best chance, although always waiting for the green light from the company. We are attentive to what people are concerned about and we want to create content that has a significant social impact”he pointed out to Produ, as published by Las Estrellas. MORE DETAILS HERE

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