“Love hurts”: The harsh advice that William Levy gave his children

“Love hurts”: The harsh advice that William Levy gave his children


After the success of “Woman-fragranced coffee” and “Monte Cristo”where he had leading roles, William Levy is preparing for the release of “Back to me”, the new Telemundo telenovela in which he shares roles with Samadhi Zendejas and Kimberly Dos Ramos.

And it is that the celebrity from united states He has caused a sensation thanks to his leading roles, for which he has been the star guest in programs such as “the anthill”, his curious interview with Mercedes Mila for Movistar Plus+ or their participation inThe Hot Table”, where he talked about the new production and his relationship with his children.

As is recalled, the Cuban is the father of Kailey and Christopher Levy, his children with Elizabeth Gutiérrez, with whom he shares tender moments and of whom he claims to be proud.

William during an interview with Pablo Motos from "the anthill" (Photo: Antenna 3)

William during an interview with Pablo Motos from “El hormiguero” (Photo: Antena 3)


The actor was in New York as part of the promotions for “Vuelve a mí” and visited the set of “La Mesa Caliente”, one of the most popular programs on the Hispanic network, where he spoke with Myrka Dellanos about the project and his character. .

He is accused of a murder that he did not commit and goes to jail. It is a story that is based on very familiar things, so I think that is what I love to do the most: something that reaches the family“, revealed.

Given this, Dellanos asked with interest if he had experienced something similar to his character in the new soap opera. “Have you ever been accused of something you didn’t do?”, questioned the Cuban presenter.

The 42-year-old actor admitted that he has had to experience a similar situation, so the host of the Telemundo show tried to get a little more and asked him how he had felt in the face of injustice.

Impotent, it is a very great impotence because wanting to prove something that you did not do… I am very disappointed in injustice, it does affect me emotionally a lot”, he acknowledged.

William Levy in a scene from "Back to me" (Photo: Telemundo)

William Levy in a scene from “Vuelve a mí” (Photo: Telemundo)


As a result of his relationship with Elizabeth Gutiérrez, the Cuban actor became a father twice and with whom he maintains a great relationship and has shared emotional images on social networks.

It was precisely these that the soap opera heartthrob talked about and even dared to reveal the advice he gives him, this as a result of the question “How are you going to protect your daughter from men?”, which Dellanos did to him.

I believe that the way to teach her is by being a good man in front of her, I have been a good man, a good father, I have been a good husband or partner, whatever you want to call it, when I had to be what to be I did”, explained the actor.

Levy did not stop there, but confessed that at some point he heard that “love Hurts”, advice that he has not hesitated to pass on to his two children, who are teenagers.

I teach both of them a lot that when they fall in love they will suffer”, he reflected before a surprised Dellanos, who asked why he thought that.

Because love is sacrifice, love hurts. I don’t remember exactly where I heard it but I heard something that said between a person who says they love you or a person who cares about you choose a person who cares about you because everyone who tells you they love you doesn’t care for you, but be sure that the one who cares about you is because he loves you”, he added.