List of actors and characters of “4 stars”: who is who in the RTVE series

List of actors and characters of “4 stars”: who is who in the RTVE series


The Serie “4 stars” is one of the novelties of RTVE on the television grid, a fiction that competes with “El Hormiguero” by Pablo Motos from Antena 3. The comedy has advanced the cast of the production, where actresses celebrated by critics and the public stand out. Here we tell you who is who in the drama that brings family troubles, revelations and more.

What is “4 stars” about? It has been known that the program has Clare’s storya woman who returns to the Lasierra family to make a great revelation: she is not only the daughters’ childhood friend, but also he is also part of the family by a blood relationship that no one knew about until that moment.

This information will transform the lives of the main characters, because they will not only have to take care of the woman who has returned to demand what corresponds to her, but also for the possible gossip that will resonate around the respected family.

In the middle of this Hotel Lasierra receives a four-star recognition that takes the family business to another level. But this joy is clouded by other events around the arrival of Clara and the members of Lasierra. She knows more than actors and characters of “4 stars”.

cast of the series "4 stars" (Photo: RTVE)

Cast of the series “4 stars” (Photo: RTVE)


Toni Acosta as Clara Rojo

Toni Acosta is the protagonist of “4 stars” with the character of clear red, a woman who has grown up alone and who became a mother at the age of 21. Knowing that she was daughter of Ricardo Lasierra, he left Vera to return to the nucleus of the family, where he belongs. Her arrival forever changes the members of Lasierra, owners of the famous hotel that bears his last name.

The Spanish actress has been part of television series such as “Con el culo al aire” and “Gym Tony”. Likewise, she has participated in films such as “Father there is only one ″,“ Mirror, mirror ”and“ Polyamory for beginners ”.

Toni Acosta as Clara Rojo in "4 stars" (Photo: RTVE)

Toni Acosta as Clara Rojo in “4 stars” (Photo: RTVE)

Antonio Resines as Ricardo Lasierra

While Antonio Resines has the role of Ricardo Lasierra, the powerful man who, 40 years ago, had a daughter with Lola Rojas, Clara, whom he never recognized as such. The man preferred to turn his back on his blood to continue his life with Rita, whose marriage had two daughters, Silvia and Marta. However, the man seeks to correct his mistake with Clara.

Antonio Resines is Ricardo Lasierra in the series (Photo: Antonio Resines / Instagram)

Antonio Resines is Ricardo Lasierra in the series (Photo: Antonio Resines / Instagram)

Ana Gracia as Rita Vazquez

Ana Gracia is Rita Vázquez in “4 stars”, the matriarch of the Lasierra family and a very conservative woman. For her, the fundamental thing is the appearance that they show to others in Vera. For this reason, the arrival of Clara and her revelation drive her out of her mind. She sees her as a threat that can forever destroy her reputation.

Ana Gracia as Rita Vázquez in the comedy (Photo: RTVE)

Ana Gracia as Rita Vázquez in the comedy (Photo: RTVE)

Marta Aledo as Silvia Lasierra

Marta Aledo plays Silvia Lasierra, a young woman focused and far from her mother’s conceptions. Her attitude towards Clara’s return is more serene and conciliatory, because she is empathic with her new sister. For this reason, he is always looking for the conflict not to be greater between his family and the protagonist.

The Spanish actress and director is recognized for her work in “Vis a Vis” where she played Tere González.

Marta Aledo as Silvia in the Spanish series (Photo: RTVE)

Marta Aledo as Silvia in the Spanish series (Photo: RTVE)

Dafne Fernández as Marta Lasierra

on the other shore, Dafne Fernández has the challenge of being Marta Lasierra, a young woman who lives by her whims and who does not accept anything that is different from her idea of ​​saving face. Of course, Clara’s reappearance as a Lasierra she doesn’t like it at all and sides with her mother to prevent her reputation from being undermined.

The Spanish actress and dancer is known for her previous appearances in series such as “Un paso adelante”, “Tierra de lobos” and “Chiringuito de Pepe”.

Dafne Fernández is one of the stars of the series (Photo: RTVE)

Dafne Fernández is one of the stars of the series (Photo: RTVE)

David Lorente as Javier Romaña

David Lorente is Javier Romaña, the husband of Silvia Lasierra. The character is an exemplary father and hard worker. He appears as one of those who moves the humor in the story of “4 stars”, despite the fact that his marriage is in a tailspin. His nobility and willingness to do good they make him a loved and respected man in Vera.

David Lorente as Javier Romaña in "4 stars" (Photo: RTVE)

David Lorente as Javier Romaña in “4 stars” (Photo: RTVE)

Alejandro Albarracin as Andres Herrero

While, Alejandro Albarracín gives life to Andrés Herrero, Marta’s husband. He is a man with many secrets, especially those linked to Lasierra’s family business. He has all the appearances of being the ideal son-in-law but he has many surprises up his sleeve, which show his true nature.

Ana Jara as Luz Romaña

Ana Jara has the role of Luz Romañaa talented young chef looking for a future in the Lasierra Hotel. However, Marta, her mother, does not trust her because of her age and places Ainhoa ​​as the main cook. This unleashes a rivalry on the part of Ana towards whom she, in her understanding, has stolen her position.

Martí Cordero as Jon Romaña

Martí Cordero is a young actor, but he has worked on other titles such as “Los Enviados” with Miguel Ángel Silvestre. In “4 Stars”, he plays Jon Romaña.

Marina Baeza as Sara Rojo

Marina Baeza is a Spanish actress who, in addition to her talent in drama, is also passionate about music and plays the violin. She was the protagonist of a short film called “Exceso”, which was directed by Álvaro Garzón. Likewise, she has been part of some plays and music videos. Therefore, her role as Sara Rojo in “4 stars” is one of her most important so far.

Rosario Pardo as Marifrán Villullas

Rosario Pardo plays Marifrán Villullas in “4 stars”. She is a Spanish actress, businesswoman and comedian who is known for her participation in titles such as “Lourdes y Concha”, “Far From You”, “Awaraness”, “Unfortunate Stories”, “Catch Me If You Can Celebrity”, among others.


  • Francesca Pinon as Cuca Sampedro
  • Raúl Prieto as Julio Conde
  • Gonzalo Caps as José Antonio Conde
  • Antonio Molero as Arturo Pérez Sañudo
  • Álvaro Fontalba as Corporal Martinez
  • Belén Écija as Ainhoa ​​Arminza
  • Edgar Vittorino as Paolo Romero
  • Carolina Rubio as Menchu
The widow and two daughters of Ricardo Lasierra in "4 stars" (Photo: Good Mood / RTVE)

The widow and two daughters of Ricardo Lasierra in “4 stars” (Photo: Good Mood / RTVE)


The Serie “4 stars” It is broadcast from Monday to Thursday, at 9:50 p.m. in Spain, through the signal of the television channel 1 of RTVE. To see the chapters online, you can click on this link.


  • Executive Produceror: Daniel Ecija
  • Good Mood Executive Producer: Javier Lawrence
  • Executive Producer RTVE: Mar Diaz
  • Plot Direction: Angel Turlan
  • rundown coordinator: Tirso Conde
  • dialogue coordinator: Aitor Santos
  • Screenwriters: Ángel Turlán, Tirso Conde, Aitor Santos, Maite Pérez, Mario Albelo, Paco de Campos, Juan Salvador, Denis López, Diego Soto, David Muñoz, Ana Boyero, Eva Baeza, Nuria Cabello, Bea Esos, Ángela Obón, Beatriz Arias, Raquel Martin, Borja Glez. Santaolalla and Diana Rojo
  • Chief coordinator: Jack Franco
  • directors: Manu Gómez, Álvaro Vicario, Laura Campos, Luis Arribas and Juan Gil
  • Production Director: Sandra Melchior
  • casting directors: Ana Sainz-Trápaga and Patricia Álvarez de Miranda
  • Director of photography: Fernando López Coloma and Paco Pérez
  • art design: Marcelo Pacheco
  • decorator: Alice Larrey
  • costume designer: Gualter de Sá
  • Makeup and hairdressing: Ana Ramírez and Julián Fernández
  • assemblers: Luis Terrón, Silvia Pizarro and Paco Diaz
  • Musician: Jeansy Auz
"4 stars" confronts established programs on Spanish television (Photo: RTVE)

“4 stars” confronts established programs on Spanish television (Photo: RTVE)



As a result of the good reception that “4 stars” has had since its premiere, on April 23, 2023, many wonder how many episodes the Spanish comic series, produced by Good Mood in collaboration with RTVE, has. BY CLICKING HERE know the answer.


Until now, it has only been revealed that the contemporary, romantic and family comedy has a season.


RTVE is trying to change how Spanish television works. Although we knew that “4 stars” and “La promise” had many things in common, we never imagined that the series that are broadcast on La 1 would be connected, so much so that in one episode we saw one of the soap operas inside the other. How did it happen? CLICK HERE to find out.


This entire “4-star” season has had a budget of 13,996,000 euros, not including taxes, according to information given by Elena Sánchez, the temporary president of CRTVE. So how much does each chapter cost to make? ENTER HERE to find out.


  • Full name: Dafne Fernandez Garcia
  • Place of birth: Madrid
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Birthday: March 31st
  • Year of birth: 1985
  • Age: 38 years
  • Height: 1.77m
  • Instagram: @dafnefernandez

To find out more about the actress as she is a professional dancer, has been on the cover of men’s magazines and more, simply CLICK HERE.

In "4 stars"the face of Marta Lasierra when she finds out that Clara is her father's illegitimate daughter (Photo: Good Mood / RTVE)

In “4 stars”, the face of Marta Lasierra when she finds out that Clara is her father’s illegitimate daughter (Photo: Good Mood / RTVE)