“I didn’t look happy”: why Lupillo Rivera and Giselle Soto separated after 3 years of relationship

After Lupillo Rivera confirmed his breakup With the businesswoman Giselle Soto after 3 years of relationship, various rumors of infidelity against the 25-year-old began to emerge on social networks. it was so the mexican influencer and the “Major League” interpreter decided to break their silence to explain the details of the end of their relationship that began in mid-2020.

After confirming the separation of Lupillo and Giselle, the couple ended a relationship that began during the coronavirus pandemic and the state of confinement. Rumors, speculation and even the possibility of a secret wedding were part of this media relationship that made headlines throughout these 3 years.

Now, after the emotional exhaustion between the two, the ex-partner made up of the musician and the businesswoman decided to end their romance and chose to give their first impressions, especially after Giselle was accused of being unfaithful to the 51-year-old interpreter.


The now ex-partner offered an interview for the morning show “Despierta América”, a space where they not only talked about the end of their relationship, but also about the alleged attacks that the young businesswoman caused the singer’s children: Lupita Karizma and L’Rey.

“With my daughter Lupita, I saw them coexist well at all costs. Don’t even mention L’rey, I would go to the cantada and on some occasions I would stay with him. On other occasions they were in restaurants here in Temecula (California) having dinner and their mother would arrive by chance and L’rey would go to say hello to her mother and return to be with her. That’s a connection you can’t fake.”said the American singer with Mexican roots.

Lupillo Rivera and Giselle Soto began their relationship in September 2020 (Photo: Giselle Soto / Instagram)

Lupillo Rivera and Giselle Soto began their relationship in September 2020 (Photo: Giselle Soto / Instagram)

Along with these alleged mistreatment by the influencer, rumors of Giselle’s infidelity towards Lupillo that involved Fernando Vargas Jr., a well-known 45-year-old former professional boxer, were also touched on.

As we well know, the rumors and information coming from the influencer Chamonic It pointed out that Rivera had thrown Soto out of his house after learning that his girlfriend had gone with the boxer to an exclusive area of ​​Las Vegas.

In this regard, Giselle was clear and avoided commenting on the existence of a third party in the relationship. Yes indeed, The businesswoman dedicated herself to talking about her relationship with the regional music composer and the joint decision they made to take a break from both.

Rumors of an alleged infidelity on the part of the businesswoman began to emerge on social networks (Photo: Giselle Soto / Instagram)

Rumors of an alleged infidelity on the part of the businesswoman began to emerge on social networks (Photo: Giselle Soto / Instagram)

“I don’t think there was a specific reason why we decided to leave, I just feel that a lot happened and the position felt very heavy”Giselle told the Televisa morning paper.

Likewise, the beautician revealed that both she and Lupillo did not find happiness in each other, the main reason why they decided to end and put their 3-year relationship on hold.

“I did not see him as happy and I did not see myself happy and that is when we decided. I told him, ‘I love you and you love me, and if your happiness is going to come back when I’m not with you, it’s the best we can do.’ Maybe they see us together, I love him very much, I appreciate him very much and I have told him that, whether or not we are in a relationship, I will always be there “sentenced the young Mexican.


Although they made clear the pause in their relationship, both indicated that she will reside in a nearby apartment, since they do not rule out a possible return of love in the future.

In the same way, Giselle took the time to clarify that she never secretly married Lupillo, as was speculated on social networks several months ago.

“I am a young woman, I have never been married, I have no children, I have a whole life ahead of me. I think I have found the man I want to be with forever, what I am looking for is to build a life: get married, have my children, enjoy, travel, a little more relationship “he added.

Finally, Lupillo left everything in God’s hands and stated that he will not force things in any way. “Things have to happen and we have to leave them in the hands of God, if you are for me, God will return you to me, and if I am for you, I will be there”he pointed out.