How to use towels to remove folds and wrinkles from your leather shoes

As much as you take care of them, wrinkles will always be there. If you are a lover of leather slippersSurely you use them daily and keep them looking good by always being clean; however, with the passage of time, annoying folds appear that no longer make them look like they were brand new. So that this is no longer a problem, from mag we explain a homemade trick using towels to make them disappear from your sneakers.

Although this can be avoided by buying shoes that fit you well, since those that are too large wrinkle more as there is more space between the foot and it, you must also choose good quality materials.

And it is that leather sports shoes are very delicate and require care to avoid these problems on their surface or that they can break.

The trick to remove wrinkles from your leather sneakers

The first thing we will tell you is that you should take care of your sneakers with a wax protector to prevent dirt from penetrating the skin, do not leave other shoes on top and remove excess dust before storing them.

Knowing this we share the trick to remove wrinkles suggested by Miguel Solorio, The Showlorios on TikTok where he uploads specialized videos on the subject to leave your sports shoes like new.

To put it into practice you should look for towels, a shoelace or pin and water. The first thing will be to soak the footwear until the leather begins to soften and feel flexible. This is when it is time to apply the central part of the trick and introduce the towels inside the sports shoe, enough so that the front of the tennis shoes is completely filled and the wrinkles are no longer noticeable.

The next thing is to tie the shoelace around the shoe so that the towel does not get out of place and let it dry in the sun. When they are dry, pick them up and you will notice how they have recovered their shape and no longer have wrinkles or folds.

Miguel Solorio is a specialist in caring for leather shoes and shares this great trick.  (Photo: @theshowlorios / TikTok)

Miguel Solorio is a specialist in caring for leather shoes and shares this great trick. (Photo: @theshowlorios / TikTok)

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