How to prevent your dog or cat from dirtying the floors of your house

Many people are looking forward to adding an adorable kitten or puppy to their home because they know how much life and love they can bring to a home. However, as much as we love the footprints a beloved family pet can leave on our hearts, most people aren’t too enthusiastic about the muddy footprints they can leave on a freshly scrubbed floor. Fortunately, keeping your floors clean and hair free is easy with these. homemade tricks.

1. Choose the right floor

Keeping your carpets and tiles clean when you have pets at home is much easier when you work with a pet friendly flooring option. For example, someone with white wool rugs and a dog will probably spend every moment of their life worrying about stains.

If you want to keep your floors clean when you have pets at home, you may want to start with a few easier to clean options (That may mean eliminating carpeting) and varieties that can take some abuse: Waterproof vinyl is an ideal flooring when you have animals.

2. Keep your pets healthy

Pet hair and bathroom accidents are two pretty big issues for furry parents. While none of these things are completely preventable, keeping your pet healthy can help alleviate some of these problems (particularly with shedding).

3. Use resistant mats

Doormats are a great way to prevent your pets from bringing too much of the outdoors inside. Your dog or cat can bring a lot of dirt and mud into your house every time they go outside to play. Those messes can add up quickly, so having a doormat designed to deal with messes is key of pets at each entrance of your home.

4. Pet-proof your garden

Some dogs like to spend time outside running around the yard and chasing squirrels. Over time, these paths can get worn and muddy, and unless you have trained your quadruped to clean its paws before coming into the house, it is likely that it will bring that mess. Here are some examples of what you can do to those worn-out areas of your yard:

  • Fill in worn out areas with rocks.
  • Cover muddy tracks with steps and fill plants.
  • Re-grass worn areas of your yard.
  • Place physical barriers to prevent your pets from entering wet places.

5. Rinse their paws

Even if you pet-proof your yard, there will still be days when your dog walks in with muddy paws. Install a washing station next to the door your dog uses to enter your house to rinse (and dry) their paws each time they enter.

6. Be careful with cat litter

Not all pet disasters come from outside. Kitty litter can easily get on their paws when they visit to relieve themselves. Those remains are then all over the house, creating a mess and unsanitary conditions. To combat this, consider using an enclosed litter box and place a textured mat outside of it, which will allow your cat to clean itself before walking through the rest of your home.

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