Hilarious flight attendant safety demo that went viral

  • In the comments, users demand that the airline increase the salary of the charismatic subject.
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Everything was going normally before the plane took off, but suddenly the tranquility was disturbed by a member of the crew who stole the limelight as he made an unmissable safety demonstration that was immortalized in video coming to TikTok where went viral making millions laugh.

Joey MacNeer (@juicephhh) He recorded the moment while he was on a flight JetBlue Airways where they show us a bearded man with long hair tied up in a yellow protective vest, who performs his security explanation with exaggerated dance moves, for which many believe that the Broadway stages are his thing.

Wide-eyed, smooth footwork characterize her display, but ends his show by slipping behind the flight attendants workstation when the emergency exits of the aircraft are mentioned.

Watch the viral video here

@juicephhh Fly Jet Blue also give this guy a raise #fyp #jetblue ♬ original sound – Joey

Although the vast majority remained silent before the extravagant presentation, the occasional laugh is heard and it is really very funny. In fact, the title of the video you have more than 2.2 million views pray: “that Fly JetBlue Also give this guy a raise.”.

“He really needs to be the face of JetBlue commercials, honestly”said Joey to the New York Posta comment that is not far from the comment box.

“How do people not laugh? I’d be screaming”, “he thinks he’s in a Broadway play”, “I heard the one man show ‘Airplane Security’ is going to be big”, “he’s a great employee who’s fed up with his job”, “give him a raise now”, “employee of the decade”, “that’s the only way I could pay attention and remember the instructions”.