He lives in Italy and revealed how many days he must work to make the purchases of the month

He lives in Italy and revealed how many days he must work to make the purchases of the month


There are many people who leave their lands looking for a better future. Some of them share their experience on social networks and compare what they earn working abroad with what they would get in the place where they were born.

This is the case of Evee Rojas, an Argentine user who, for some time, has lived in Italy with her husband. She went viral on TikTok after showing everything she bought in a supermarket and revealing how many days she has to work to pay for a month’s food. The revealed figure surprised a large number of people.

“Many had doubts, mainly family and friends, regarding how much we spent per month on food in Italy”, the young woman began by saying, while she is seen touring the establishment and filling the shopping cart. Among the products you can see pasta, meat, soft drinks, cookies, preserves, vegetables, dairy products and some frozen.

“I made this video so you can see how much we can buy. Being two people, we calculate that all this is enough for two and a half weeks, almost three, depending on how much we eat”he assured when he reached the box.

He lives in Italy and went viral by revealing how much it costs to shop for the month

By showing the sales ticket, he revealed how many working days are needed to make purchases in the supermarket. “They are 134 euros and 66 cents, and since the basic salary in Italy is 50 euros per day, to buy this we have to work approximately two and a half days”he pointed.

The fact surprised more than one Internet user, who went to the comments section to ask Argentina some questions such as what she works for or where she lives.

When in doubt, Evee uploaded a new clip where she explains that she has two jobs: In the first, he is dedicated to cleaning hotels and in the second, he is a dishwasher.which allows you to generate 75 euros a day.

He also explained that it is important to have a contract and that in summer there is more work compared to the winter season.

How much is the minimum wage in Italy

Not all member countries of the European Union have a legal minimum wage. 22 of the 27 do so, while Denmark, Italy, Austria, Finland and Sweden determine the SMI through collective wage bargaining.

Thus, the top five positions in the ranking of best minimum wages are occupied by countries with a minimum wage above 1,900 euros (Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany), although in no case do they exceed 2,387 euros in Luxembourg.

One of the most touristic countries in the world

Italy is the third country in Europe that receives the most tourists per year, with Rome being the third most visited city on the continent.

Other important cities are Milan, the center of finance and industry, and, according to the Global Language Monitor, the capital of Fashion.

What jobs are most in demand in Italy?

According to the Idealista.it portal, among the most sought after profiles in Italy, especially in the business field, are those who perform some type of manual work, such as welders, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, workers specialized in the repair of telecommunications and installers.

Where is more work to be found in Italy?

The main cities where we find the most jobs are Rome, Milan, Florence, Torino and Pisa. You will also have to take into account Naples, Bari and Bologna.